• March 2, 2023

SKL Lottery The Million Game has entered the next winning round

SKL Lottery: The Million Game has moved on to the next round of winnings

How fast time flies – On 1. December once again saw the start of the next winning round of the SKL lottery. To the total already 134. For the 15th time, raffle ticket holders can look forward to numerous attractive prizes in the coming months.

The chances of winning are numerous. Hardly any other lottery offers its players such a wide range of potential winnings. Also in the framework of the 134. SKL lottery will win a total of 2.015.370 prizes with a total value of 1.289 billion euros will be drawn. The main prize in this draw is valued at 16 million euros. But even beyond that there are a total of 130 prizes worth millions of euros. Until 31. May 2014, SKL lottery ticket holders can take part in draws from Friday to Sunday, alternating between €1×1 million or €1,000×1000 to win.

The draws are divided into six classes and participation depends on the type of winning ticket in each case. On every first Saturday of the month, it's all about the whole thing, because then the lucky winner of the maximum prize of a class is drawn. However, the SKL lottery's main prize of 16 million euros will not be determined until the end of the prize round in May.

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To make the wait for the big grand prize at the end of the 134. To shorten the SKL lottery's prize round and increase the chances of winning for each participating ticket, additional prizes are distributed in so-called event draws. In a total of six events 56.674 event winnings raffled. The total amount won in each event draw is 24 million euros. The size and type of the individual prizes vary from event to event. The special draws take place on the following fixed dates during the winning round from 1.

  • New Year's Draw: 1. January: 50 monthly annuities of 4.000 €
  • Valentine's Day draw: 14. February: 2.400 x 10.000 €
  • Shrove Monday draw: 3. March: 48.000 x 500 €
  • Easter draw: 20. April: 200 monthly annuities of 1.000 €
  • Mother's Day Draw: 11. May: 24 x 1.000 000 €

Further information on the special event draws is available at skl-boesche-a-z.de compiled.

The event of the lottery year: The SKL Million Show

The SKL Million Show is one of the most popular events of the SKL lottery.

Among the numerous events that the SLK lottery has to offer, one has always been the highlight for long-time fans: The big SKL Million Show on the Day of Happiness. As part of this show, 20 winners are drawn from all owners of an SKL ticket, who are allowed to take part in the day of luck and thus also have the chance to win 1 million euros. The SKL Million Show in the 134. Winning round of SKL lottery is expected to be held on 25. April 2014 take place.