• March 2, 2023

Set of coins for the introduction of the euro in Latvia

Coin set for the introduction of the euro in Latvia

On 01. January also Latvia, located in the Baltic States, introduces the euro as official currency. The previously valid lats is thus replaced. Latvia is the 18. European country where the euro is official currency.

Like all euro countries, Latvia is allowed to issue a set of euro circulation coins with its own designs. The coin set consists of 8 individual coins. The cent coins were designed by Laimonis Šēnbergs. The 1, 2 and 5 cent coins show the small national coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia, while the 10, 20 and 50 cent coins show the large national coat of arms.
The 1 and 2 euro coins were designed by Guntars Sietiņš. On them is depicted a Latvian traditional costume girl. This motif was also on the old 5 lats coin. Latvia remains faithful to itself. Only the value of the euro coins is of course much higher than those of the lati.

Until we in Germany can find Latvian coins in our wallets, a lot of time will pass, guaranteed. If it happens at all, because the amount of issued pieces will remain manageably small compared to other countries, such as Germany, Spain or France. If you are a collector interested in the new Latvian euro coins, it is better to buy them in a coin shop.

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On the occasion of the introduction of the euro in Latvia, Münzkurier is now making a very special offer. Instead of having to buy a Latvian coin set, one can exchange a complete Euro coin set “Latvia” consisting of 8 single coins at Münzkurier for 3.88 EUR. Exchange instead of buying. 3.88 EUR for 3.88 EUR face value in Latvian coins. This is an unbeatable offer.

Coin Courier Euro Coin Set Latvia 2023

Also Andorra introduces the Euro

Set of coins for the introduction of the euro in Latvia

Besides Latvia, the small state of Andorra is also introducing the euro. In Andorra, the euro is already a means of payment, but there were no coins of their own. This has historical reasons. The principality of Andorra is located in the Pyrenees, right between France and Spain. The function of the head of state will be performed by the French president and the Spanish bishop of Urgell. Therefore, the French franc and the Spanish peseta used to be the official currency. With their abolition by the euro was also valid in Andorra. The also available Andorran diner had rather the status of an art currency for collector purposes. This diner will also disappear from 2023.

From 2023 Andorra – just like Latvia – may issue its own coins. The motifs used on the Andorran 1, 2 and 5 cent coins pay tribute to the fauna of the small state. They show the bearded vulture and a Pyrenean chamois. On the 10-, 20- and 50-cent coins the church Santa Coloma is shown. The 1-Euro-coin shows the parliament seat of Andorra, the “Casa de la Vall. The 2-Euro coin shows the coat of arms of Andorra.

As Andorra is one of the European dwarf states next to Monaco or the Vatican, the amount of coins coming into circulation will of course be very limited. For collectors, the coins will therefore quickly increase in value, as was recently the case with the introduction of the euro in Monaco. The Monaco euro coins were issued in 2002 for 26.34 EUR. Meanwhile, they are traded at prices of over 300 EUR.
The same can be expected with the euro coins from Andorra. Therefore, interested parties should now quickly reserve their Andorra Course Coin Set 2023.

Coin Courier Euro Coin Set Andorra 2023

The demand will probably be huge, so it is worth to be quick, because the delivery will take place after the orders are received.


The coming year will be an exciting one for coin collectors. The introduction of the Euro in Latvia and especially in Andorra will cause a lot of excitement. The expected increase in the value of coins will generate a high demand. Therefore, you should act quickly now and secure your coin sets.
The fact that Münzkontor offers the complete Latvian coin set for exchange instead of purchase is an unbeatable offer.

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