• March 7, 2023

Actual lottery numbers

Current lottery numbers

Almost all people dream of having a very large sum of money at their disposal once in their life. However, this dream can only come true if you invest part of your winnings in a lottery draw. In Germany, 6 out of 49 is the most popular lottery game and every Saturday and Wednesday the new lottery numbers are drawn. Millions of people hope again and again to hit the right numbers.
Since the draws are no longer broadcast live, it is necessary to take a look at the Internet to check the numbers currently drawn and compare them with one’s tip.

Most of the permanent players have already won a small to medium prize. However, only with 6 correct numbers the big money is earned, even better would be a six with super number, where several millions are to be expected.
The winning amount for the players is based on the stakes placed and how many players were correct with their numbers in a certain winning class. In 2011, 68 players who guessed 6 numbers correctly had to settle for just 30.000 euros to be content. All winners had marked the numbers 3-13-23-33-38-49. To achieve high odds in the event of a win, patterns or birthdays should be avoided. These number combinations are ticked by most people and spoil the odds in case of winning.

Lotto ticket 6 out of 49

Since last year, lottery players have also been able to place their bets via the Internet with a variety of providers. After a registration the desired numbers can be ticked off. There is also the possibility of setting the crosses at random, which increases the chance that several players have not used the same numbers. Every player is automatically informed about the win via e-mail. Continuous play is particularly practical, as it eliminates the risk of forgetting to hand in the ticket.

Some participants form a lottery syndicate in order to increase their chances of winning. On the other hand, the winnings must be divided by the number of players. In the case of such a community, the required rules should be written in a contract. A frequent point of contention is what happens if a player from the community has not placed his bet before the draw, and suddenly a big win has been made.