• March 9, 2023

Who actually earns from the popular sport lotto

Who actually earns from the popular sport of lotto?

Popular sport lotto | Image: ChiniGaray, pixabay.com, Pixabay License

Since 1955, millions of Germans have been trying to guess the six correct numbers week after week. The speech is of course from the lottery. More precisely, the most popular variant in this country: LOTTO 6aus49. But who really earns the big money in the popular sport Lotto? And how much can you win? These questions are answered in this article.

More than a few correct Kreuzchen it does not need at all around really coal to make. But the probability of winning the jackpot is frighteningly low: 1 in 140 million is written very small and inconspicuous on the lottery ticket.de Homepage. The current jackpot is displayed above in big, bold letters. The risk is often overlooked.

And who hasn’t dreamed of having enough money to live on forever? To be able to call your boss in the middle of the night and say: “I quit, goodbye forever!” And possibly still the one or other honest word afterwards to fire, which lies to one already so long on the lips. Thus, the chapter is closed forever and you can devote yourself to the finer things in life. A flight to the Caribbean or the South Seas hardly matters financially to a jackpot winner. And at the same time, the millions won give you wings, let all the ballast fall away and give you the freedom you’ve always wanted.

What could be so difficult about placing the right crosses for once? To be lucky once? Making real money for once?

Earning is always

With a stake of only EUR 1,20,- you can already make the one correct tip. But with this effort some costs are paid first. After all, everyone wants a piece of the pie. And what remains at the end is distributed as profit on the more or less lucky ones. Last year, the German lottery companies counted a total of 145 million in winnings. Including the highest ever win in the 66-year history of Lotto 6aus49. A woman from Baden-W├╝rttemberg was able to enjoy 42.5 million euros in prize money. And she was not the only one. As we all know, a joy shared is a joy doubled. And with it and each other Lotto player rejoice daily other places with.

Because before she was allowed to rejoice, many others rejoiced first – completely without having typed the right numbers. Thus the acceptance places get – nevertheless approximately good 24.000 throughout Germany – around 6 percent of the cake off. Next, the 16 state-owned lottery companies will get their piece – also 6 percent.

Afterwards all get something. Finally, all lottery players pay the often stupid tax levy of 17 percent But that’s not all. Another 22 percent goes to support projects in sports, culture and other areas. The lottery companies are legally bound to this.

More than half gone

If you’re good at mental arithmetic, you’ll quickly notice that more than half of the cake has now been eaten. More precisely 51 percent. As a result, only 49 percent of the stakes remain to be distributed as winnings. Incredible actually. Imagine a casino taking half the stake from every visitor right at the start of every game. The chances of winning in the casino seem to be in a completely different light. After all, some even give a welcome bonus without deposit.

But enough about that, after all, this is supposed to be about the national sport of the Germans. And the Corona pandemic has not changed that either. As the following numbers show.

More stakes despite Corona

More than 7 million people regularly play the lottery or Toto in Germany. Three times as many – 22 million – occasionally fill out a bill. Even the crisis last year did not change these figures. What has changed in the last year, however, is the stakes of lottery players.

In a crisis like the present one, you might think that people would have less money to spend on lottery tips. But the opposite is true. In 2020, stakes increased by 8.8 percent year-on-year to 7.9 billion euros.

That means lottery players are willing to bet more at the moment. Possibly precisely because they are in financial distress. And Lotto offers a possible way out of this misery. But the increased stakes are pleasing to all who sit at the table and also get small and larger pieces of cake.

All those who actually hit the jackpot, however, will ultimately not care who got a piece of the cake first. After all, they’re left with the most on their plate at 49 percent.