• March 10, 2023

The euro is currently the biggest gamble

The euro is currently the biggest gamble

Who would have thought that one day it will come to the point that in the middle of Europe, in the middle of the monetary community of the “hard” euro, state expropriation actions will take place? But at the moment anything is possible. Confidence in the euro as a currency, in governments and in the European Central Bank is gone. Now everyone must think of itself. Who runs last to the bank or the cash machine, is the stupid one.

Still the system media let spread prayer mill-like the fairy tale of the “special case Cyprus”, and that soetwas in Germany never and never would be possible, but everyone waits only for the fact that the first moves. Then comes the dreaded bank run. The slightest uncertainty can now lead to the rapid collapse of the euro. Because the citizens in Europe, especially in Germany, are lazy and want to believe in the good that the policy daily serves them, but the taboo break in Cyprus has shown them where the journey really goes.

Not one cent is really safe when it is in the bank. There is, despite the Chancellor’s assurances that the deposit guarantee for German savers still applies, no legal right to the money in the bank account. The policy can decide at any time like in Cyprus that German accounts are blocked, banks closed and from each account special taxes in arbitrary height are debited. This is the legal situation. The Chancellor’s assurances are worth nothing in the real world.

And so the bank account becomes a real nuisance. How long will I still get my money? How much did the state collect overnight? And how much is the money still worth tomorrow? Poker is almost boring compared to this. Because in poker, there are fixed rules that apply equally to everyone at the table.

If the breaking of taboos in Cyprus is really carried out and the small citizens are fleeced by their own state and the Eurozone, then everyone should remember why our grandparents preferred to have their money sewn into the mattress instead of depositing it in a bank. And why still today the saying applies, only cash is true.
Whoever gets to the ATM last, the state punishes him.