• March 2, 2023

Sports betting for beginners – what really matters when choosing an online betting provider! 🍀

Sports betting for beginners – this is what really matters when choosing an online betting provider!

More and more sports fans in Germany nowadays regularly use the betting offer of sports betting providers on the Internet. Accordingly, betting on sporting events has long been part of modern leisure entertainment. This is also evidenced by a look at the number of betting providers in the online sector. Because there are now more than 200 portals for online sports betting in German-speaking countries alone. Thus also always newcomers in the range of the on-line range look for their luck with a sport bet.

However, beginners often have great difficulty in finding a suitable sports betting provider on the Internet. Depending on personal preferences for sports and betting offers, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a virtual betting shop. In addition to the security in dealing with data and gaming credits, the portfolio of betting offers is what counts for newcomers when deciding on a particular betting portal.

But there are a lot more factors that beginners should consider before registering with a sports betting provider on the Internet. For this reason, we have drafted a guide below to help newcomers in particular choose a suitable sports betting provider. In this way, you will not only succeed in finding a reputable betting provider, but also in taking advantage of the best betting odds and chances of winning.


Betting without betting tax

Due to the new State Treaty on Gambling, most online betting providers also have a betting tax, which can significantly reduce the prospect of winning. According to this, every bet in a virtual betting shop is subject to five percent betting taxes. But there is also the possibility to avoid this betting tax, if you look for an appropriate online bookie. So there are also some portals for sports betting, where the betting tax is not applicable. Here it is worth taking a look at the platform of wettsteuer.com, where various online sports betting providers are listed that do not charge betting tax. Even by changing the location of the IP address, it is possible to avoid the betting tax for players who reside in Germany. Through a proxy server, it is possible to set a different location such as Austria or the Netherlands to avoid the fee of five percent and the prospects of a higher profit to preserve.

Compare different online bookies

The betting offers of the various betting portals on the Internet can differ greatly from each other, so that the registration in a virtual betting shop should be well considered. Before signing up or registering, one should be clear about the preferred betting offer. If you only want to bet on classic wins and losses, you can use almost all portals for sports betting.

More specialized bets, on the other hand, can only be found on selected platforms for virtual sports betting. Likewise, by no means all betting providers have different sports in their program. Most of them offer betting exclusively on soccer matches around the world. However, if you also want to bet on Formula 1, tennis or winter sports events, you should inform yourself about the betting offer of a respective sports betting provider beforehand here.

Don't miss out on new customer bonus and increase your gaming balance

The great competition between the various betting portals on the Internet plays right into the hands of new customers. For the online sports betting providers woo every single customer, so that beginners can benefit especially through a new customer bonus. Here, too, it is important to compare the current offers for new customer bonuses with each other in order to be able to plan with a significantly higher budget when making the first deposit on the gaming account.