• March 7, 2023

What are the legal requirements for an online slot

What are the legal requirements for an online slot?

In recent years, the online slots could gain more and more popularity. Finally, the online casino does not require a long way to the gambling hall, even the choice of place can be made according to one’s own needs. In addition, there is the great feature of the various bonuses, which are not offered in arcades, but in online casinos. The Volcano Vegas no deposit bonus is a perfect example of this bonus variety.

Who regulates gambling?

To prevent serious errors from occurring when playing for money, every reputable online casino is regulated by an appropriate authority. On the basis of the provider’s license, you can see which authority is responsible for monitoring the offer. As a rule, most providers have a license from Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao.

But what exactly is actually monitored here? The biggest task of the licensors is to check the day-to-day operations of the casino. This includes, among other things, that the customers have been sufficiently verified and that certain taxes have been deducted. Generally counts: All rules of the authority and the country in which the provider is registered must be followed.

So that the black sheep of the industry have no chance, regular control by the regulating authorities is indispensable. Anyone who does not fall into the grid loses his license. Thus, users can usually be sure that a casino with the appropriate certificate is trustworthy in any case.

The random number generator

A slot machine cannot be manipulated. Although even today some casino fans insist that they can influence the machine by certain actions – however, this is not so. Finally – whether analog or online slot – a random number generator works in the background. This triggers a win always randomly, an influence on the machine is therefore as good as impossible.

The manufacturers of the slots must prove at regular intervals that the random number generator actually works correctly. After all, it is the heart of the system and must not fail under any circumstances. This is the only way to ensure that every user can play with equal chances.

If the RTP is kept?

The RTP gives it a particularly important value when it comes to casino slots. The English term “return to player” can be literally translated as the words “back to the player”. Basically, this means what percentage of the stakes are also paid out to the users of the slot again. Normally, this value is around 95 percent.

So if the total number of players wager 100 euros in the slot, 95 euros will be spent again at the same time. The casino’s profit is then ultimately the difference between the two amounts. To ensure that no trickery can occur here, it is particularly important to monitor the RTP regularly. After all, there could be huge losses here on the part of users if the provider makes false statements.

The regulating authorities are therefore required to check RTP values at regular intervals. This is done in close-meshed controls, which are carried out with the utmost care. Thus, the correctness of the data provided is ensured.

Is there a panic button?

Since the new State Treaty on Gambling came into force, every online slot must have a certain “panic button”. Anyone who clicks on this button is immediately excluded from the game offer for 24 hours. This innovation is a great step towards the protection of vulnerable players. Finally, it is imperative to combat gambling addiction. The new rule was therefore included in the current regulation.

Maximum bet: 1 Euro per spin

Also newly added to the rules, the maximum bet of one euro per spin. Casinos that adhere to the new State Gambling Treaty are not allowed to accept more than one euro per spin. Thus, it is ensured that vulnerable players do not suffer excessive losses.

Is the player actually verified?

It is also important that each user is identified beyond doubt. Thus, it can be ruled out that a single person can register with the same provider several times at once. Verification can go through several stages and look different in detail.

At the beginning, it is necessary in any case to request the personal details of the user. In the further course may be required to upload images of identification documents. Thus, the provider is in any case sure who exactly the registered customer actually is.

Slots and sports betting will be separated in the future

According to the new gambling treaty the so-called “cross marketing” is also prohibited. This means that users are not allowed to use the same funds that are used for sports betting to play online slots. Thus, most providers had to introduce a system in which there are several different balances to be found. Thus, the separation is successful and the casino has no consequences to fear.

Machines basically safe

In conclusion, thanks to the meticulous work of the authorities, it can be said that just about every online slot is subject to high security regulations. At regular intervals, it is checked whether the statements of the casinos and slot developers also really correspond to the facts.

Since the providers have to reckon with round-the-clock checks, the willingness to take risks and use tricks is comparatively low. The fear of sanctions from the authorities is too great. As a user of an online casino, you are therefore as good as always on the safe side. Therefore, we wish you a lot of fun and above all luck on the next slot!