• March 3, 2023

The new BINGO!

The new BINGO!

Since the 11. May has BINGO! – the environmental lottery a new concept. From the spectators and players it hails since then massively criticism.

At the basic principle of the BINGO!-Game has not changed. Still need a BINGO!-Lot, which costs 3 euros plus processing fee of 60 cents. And to win, you need on a playing field 5 numbers in horizontal, vertical or diagonal row that match the winning numbers determined. Then you have single BINGO. With two of these rows you have double BINGO, with three rows logically you have triple BINGO and thus the highest winning class.

The chance on a single BINGO* amounts to 1:81, on double BINGO 1:10.254 and on a triple BINGO 1:1.299.780. This means that the chances of winning are much higher than with other lotteries, such as Lotto 6 out of 49 or Euro Jackpot.

New concept

So far, so well and old-known. Since the 11. May, however, some things are different at BINGO! and the, mostly older spectators are a little disturbed. Apparently, NDR is trying to turn more towards the young audience. This starts with a new studio, a new presenter, new graphics, faster cuts, increased tempo in the show and ends last but not least with increased telephone charges for the new candidate game “Das UNGLAUBLICHE BINGO!-QUIZ”. On older players BINGO works! thus like a game show from the beginnings of the private television stations, and scares them accordingly.

Criticism of the spectators

They have been venting their frustration about the new concept on the Facebook page of BINGO! Air. One misses the old moderators and the old Studio, rather still the old play expiration. With the new speed many do not come any longer along and announce already now to do in the future without a play participation.

Apparently, NDR, the producer of BINGO! Show, completely developed past the target group. It is laudable to want to turn increasingly to a younger audience, but especially BINGO! is the most unsuitable program of all for this.
BINGO!-Lots were bought by an overwhelming majority of older people. On the one hand, to play BINGO with its very easy-to-understand rules and win something, also by telephone game or as a candidate in the program. On the other hand also, in order to do with the own money something good for the environment directly before the own door.
However, these older players also need a program for older. Modern Schnickschnack into the transmission to insert, only in order to let these appear compulsively new and modern, is obviously a wrong way. Thus one does not get new, younger spectators, loses for it however the older regular spectators and – still much more importantly – Lotterie Mitspieler.

NDR must draw consequences

The sale of the BINGO!-Lots in the coming weeks will show how well or badly the new concept really arrives. The NDR must draw then the appropriate consequences. No one, especially not the environmental projects, is served in the end if the sale of the BINGO!-Lots declines, only because the NDR swears on a rejuvenation cure.