• March 9, 2023

How to change health insurance companies.

How to change the health insurance company.

The new year brings all kinds of changes, including in the healthcare sector. The grand coalition of SPD and CDU/CSU has laid a big egg in the nest for employees right at the beginning of the year, albeit a rotten one. On closer inspection, nothing remains of the announced reduction in health insurance contributions, and in the future it will be increasingly expensive for employees.

The purely optically “lowered” contribution rate of 15.5 to 14.6 percent does not arrive at the insured, since the health insurance companies about the additional contribution on the payroll continue to help themselves. Most health insurance companies raise in 2015 an additional contribution between 0.8 and 0.9 per cent. D.h. The insured have to pay the same or even slightly more than last year. And future increases will be fully borne by the insured, because the employer’s contribution has been fixed at 7.3 percent for all time. The lowered contribution rate is therefore a deliberate political lie.

However, there are some health insurance companies that charge additional contributions of 0.3 to 0.7 percent in 2015. Exactly two insurers, namely Euregio BKK, Metzinger BKK, even demand no additional contribution at all for this year. This is why it could be worthwhile for many insured persons to change their health insurance provider.

How to change the health insurance

Every person insured in a statutory health insurance fund can change the fund in principle. In addition one looks for a health insurance company, which is represented in the own federal state, not all health insurance companies offer their achievements country widely, and places with this health insurance company an application for admission.
The old health insurance company is sent a written notice of termination, which must be confirmed within 14 days at the latest. This confirmation of cancellation of the old insurance company is sent to the new one. That was it in principle.

Cash change at a glance:

  • Submit an application to the new insurance company
  • with the past cash terminate in writing
  • Submit confirmation of termination from the old insurance company to the new one
  • Inform employer about change of health insurance fund

Notice periods

You can always terminate the statutory health insurance at the end of the month after next. To the new cash one is bound then at least 18 months.
Unless the health insurance company levies an additional contribution or. increases this. Then you have an immediate right of termination at the end of the month after next. This also applies if there is an optional tariff, z.B. With premium refunds or deductibles. However, if you have taken out an optional health insurance plan, you will be bound to the new fund for three years.

Low-income employees (450 Euro employees) do not have the right to choose their own health insurance fund, unless they are voluntarily insured themselves.
Trainees Can immediately change to a new fund when starting training.