• March 6, 2023

Check insurance policies!

Deadline 30.09.Check insurance!

Many contracts can still be terminated by the end of September. Now necessarily check the contracts – so can usually save a lot of money.

Insurances do not belong exactly to the bargains for which one must spend one’s money annually. Checking the available offers on the market here and there can save a lot of money or mean better conditions.
If one finds an insurance, which can offer same or better conditions at a more favorable price, one should not hesitate for a long time and terminate its old contract.

Cancellation period

The 30. September is an important date in the calendar. Since the insurance year coincides with the calendar year for many insurance contracts, the end of September is considered an important deadline for a three-month notice period. Up to 30. September the letter of notice must at the latest with the insurer, if one wants to keep the period of notice.
If this deadline is not met, the customer cannot cancel until September of the following year. Until then, you continue to be insured with your old provider at the old price.

Check insurance policies!

For the vast majority of car insurances, the 30 percent limit applies. September as the cut-off date, as these have a three-month notice period. Usually it is worthwhile straight with the Kfz insurance to keep a lookout for more favorable alternatives. You can save a lot of money, up to several hundred euros a year.
Often it is enough to threaten your insurer with cancellation, so that it lures you with better conditions or lower prices. This is how you can save yourself the necessary paperwork and still enjoy a few more euros in your wallet.

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Cancel unnecessary insurances

If one is already once to examine its insurance contracts, one should separate also equal from superfluous, senseless contracts. In addition to the important coverages, such as private liability, household and occupational disability insurance, there are numerous insurances that are rather superfluous.