Battlepillars is a real time strategy tug of war game where you take command of angry caterpillars who are armed with a full arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. You are able to get this game for free once it becomes Green-lit. All you have to do is follow the two simple steps below and you will be on your way toward some bug battles.

  1. Join the Who’s Gaming Now?! group on the Steam network.
  2. Vote on the Battlepillars Greenlight page and help it achieve the green light.

That’s all you have to do folks. Below we have some more details directly from the Battlepillars page:

On the date that Battlepillars is accepted by the Steam Greenlight process, entries for the giveaway will be closed. Once the game has been released on Steam, those people who joined the “Who’s Gaming Now?!” group and voted on Battlepillars during the Greenlight process will be able to join a group-specific giveaway on

The number of keys available will be chosen at a later date based on community interest and feedback, but rest assured, we will make every effort to make sure everyone gets a key. We’ve projected 10,000 votes and will be giving away at least that many copies upon release. In the case that all keys in the first giveaway are claimed, a second giveaway will be started for those who may have missed the first. Each giveaway will last at least 24 hours to allow ample time for entry. After the giveaways have ended, the Battlepillars Greenlight promotion will end as well.




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