Earlier in the week we reported that Steam had surpassed 75 million registered user accounts. This was huge for both the company as well as the community. Today we are bringing you the figures from the Steam Holiday total sales.

As you can see in the image above North America and Western Europe provided over 80% of the sales on record. The other 19% of Steam game sales were shared between Oceania, Russia, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Other territories.

What this chart does not display is how the Russian and Brazilian territories have expanded by 128% and 75% over the past year alone. Now that is also impressive and nice to see as a Steam enthusiast.

I am not surprised to see these numbers as Steam has a huge presence in both Western Europe and North America. And I mean, how can anyone pass up on picking up games during the Holiday sale. We look forward to these events as Steamers.




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Eric is the Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief of S1st. He has an addiction to having a larger Steam collection than you and has been known to pass up free titles on Origin to instead purchase the game on Steam. Crazy or genius? You decide.