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SteamFirst was founded in 2013 after the realization was made that the inter webs were missing out on in depth Steam / Valve content. This community focuses on Steam and Valve related news, game and product reviews, deals and sales available for the Steam platform, guides which focus on both PC and Steam related products and games and lastly editorials allowing our authors to share their opinions on the inner networks of the gaming industry. We also livestream on the daily and host giveaways just because we are good dudes. At SteamFirst we offer our readers…

– A network for Steam fans to visit, read and engage in our unique take on the latest happenings within the realm of Steam. You will not find cookie cutter content here.

– A civilized community where visitors will dialogue with intelligence rather than engaging in insulting trolling behaviors.

– A team of content creators who share in their passion for Steams content and business model and who wish to do everything they can to better both our own and Steams community.

Today SteamFirst connects with Steam enthusiasts from around the globe to learn and share their knowledge on everything Steam related. SteamFirst will be a leader within the gaming community guiding gamers toward the elite gaming platform of which we all love and respect… Steam.

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