As fan’s of Steam we are just like the millions of you folks out there that get addicted to buying games during their big sales.  There are four major ones to speak of; winter, spring, summer and autumn.  For me one of the biggest reasons I go buying crazy is due to the low prices.  It’s tough to not buy a game that is only a few bucks, especially when there are no expectations involved with how good the game actually is or can be (and yes I know you can just read reviews).  But still, even when a game gets meh reviews for a few bucks, you can not go wrong.  What we want to know is, what drives you to buy Steam games during their big sale’s?  Is it the price?  Do you see that 80% or 90% off and say to yourself “I have to have that now!”?  Sound off below and let us know.


  1. Hahaha, when I first signed up for Steam back in 2011, I went crazy early, but realised it was far too easy to buy games quicker than I could play them, and for some genres, if you don’t get around to it, it can be better to skip it and play the sequel, so I’ve settled down now, and only buy new games if my list of ‘to play’ titles drops below 3-4 or if they’re on my watchlist and less than $5 (unless they’re a Paradox Interactive or Firaxis title ;)).


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