With another fairly slow week for Steam news coming to a close, let’s take a quick trip around the world of Valve for some of the highlights from this week.

Earlier this week, Valve announced it would be making The Mad Max movie series available via Steam. This is through a partnership with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and will distribute the movies to several major countries including the US, Canada, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and much of Europe. In our article covering the news here on Steam First, I can’t help but ponder the possibility of more to come.

Also announced this week was a MASSIVE giveaway here on our fine site, Steam First. We have exactly 30 Steam Keys to giveaway! 15 of these keys will be entirely random, while the list for the other 15 can be found in the article posted by site co-founder Eric. This is a chance to boost that Steam catalog quite a bit! Also, stay tuned in the future as I have a feeling this will only continue to become more common on the site and in our livestreams found our YouTube page.


In another working development, Valve announced that the much anticipated “The Reborn Update” for DOTA 2 was very close. This is significant Valve news as it marks the games move away from the Source 1 engine and into the new era of the Source 2 engine. The recent update that was released alongside this little tidbit of information will be a large update as it prepares gamers for the upcoming additions and updates. This is purported to be just a one-time major download, allowing the subsequent updates to be downloaded and installed quicker and more efficiently.

In more controversial news, an “Edutainment” game found on Steam had to make a few changes after it was discovered that one of it’s mini-games was a bit “thoughtless” in it’s execution. Playing History 2 – Slave Trade made some waves with their “Slave Tetris” mini-game that has the player stacking slaves that are in the shapes of various Tetris-like pieces to fit as many onto the slave ship as possible. While this game is meant to teach children about the horrors of slavery and some of the darker times in our past, the mini-game appeared to be extremely insensitive and in very poor taste, leading game Developer/Publisher “Serious Games Interactive” to decide to remove it once the backlash went public. Hopefully, other indie developers can learn from Serious Games Interactive’s mistake.

Keep an eye out for more good news. If you have any news/rumors, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me anytime in the address below. Follow me on Steam for more giveaways! Send me a message there anytime, let me know you stopped by, maybe you too will get a free key!

Happy Gaming!


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