This has been a big week for updates for all of the Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 players out there. There have been a ton of updates applied to two of Valve’s massively popular games. However, before we dig into those I want to remind everyone one more time to go enter the massive giveaway! We are talking 30 keys here! I’ll wait while you do that if you haven’ already, and when you get back we will get on with the updates….

Ok, all set? Great! Good luck, all! On with these updates! Team Fortress 2 got itself a small batch of updates, details here & here. You’re looking at some big fixes and other stuff. Notably, however, are some nifty little PASS Time updates as well as the removal of the ability to purchase a “Gun Mettle” Campaign Pass. The PASS Time updates essentially improve upon things, such as catching/intercepting and also reducing some of the ability to “hog” the jack by allowing the teammates to strip the jack from the offender after a set length of time. They are still taking your suggestions over at as well. If you have any ideas, they would love to hear them.


Dota 2 went full-swing into Reborn mode, pushing on through to the main client and effectively killing off Source 1 in the process.  Since then, they’ve been updating like crazy, almost every time I check there has been a new update. There is is one, this one, this one and this one. Just…wow. We are talking Reborn rollout, bug fixes galore, an all-new leveling system called “Dota Levels“, new Treasury enhancements, new trophies, new weather effects……I can hardly keep up! Check out the links provided, and catch up!

Also, don’t forget to get your livestream fix taken care of over at the Steam First You Tube channel. Up tonight is “Legions of Steel”. It’ll be the first time Eric has cracked into this one, so let’s all go cheer him on and if we can get enough love for him on the livestream, I will add even MORE games to the massive giveaway! For every simultaneous user in the chatroom, I will add 1 more random key (up to 50). So, if we peak at 12, I will add 12. If we peak at 35, I will add 35. If we peak at 50, I will add 50. If we peak at 100 or more, I will do another, similar giveaway immediately following the conclusion of this giveaway!

Let’s go support our boy!!!

Happy Gaming!!!



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