While it wasn’t a very big week for news, there were a few small items of note worthy of taking a glance at through the links provided below:

First, there were two recent updates to the popular, Free-To-Play favorite Team Fortress 2. Some highlights from the update include the addition of “Collection Trade Ups” and some updates to the new Pass Time Game Mode. You can check out the updates here.

Next, a little Pre-Order bonus was announced by Valve. Pre-ordering your Steam Link or Steam Controller now can net you copies of Portal 2 and the new, smash hit Rocket League. View the details in any of the links provided above.


For those of you who enjoy your retro games, Capcom has released The Mega Man Legacy Collection on Steam. For $14.99 you get an amazing collection of the first 6 games in this classic series. With continued success, maybe we will see other classic games re-packaged and made available via Steam. Castlevania would be a nice place to start….

Some slightly disappointing news also occurred over the last 24 hours as Valve and HTC had announced that The Vive headset, their joint VR project, is going to be delayed into 2016.  According to most sources, such as Ars Technica, there will only be a “limited” launch this year with a full push into the consumer market set to take place in 2016.

Hopefully, the coming weeks with the holidays approaching will bring us more good news. If you have any news/rumors, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me anytime in the address below.

Happy Gaming!



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