After being delayed last November (one month before it’s expected release) a new release date has been announced for Watch Dogs. A trailer for the game  showed up earlier today which revealed the date, and was quickly taken down. Now, it is back up and Ubisoft has officially commented on it, saying that the release is in fact May 27th.

Watchdogs is developed by Ubisoft  Montreal and published by its parent company. Being made by many of the same people who worked on the Assassin’s Creed series, Watch Dogs is expected to be an open world game of electronic espionage, network hacking, and revenge-fueled warfare set in a future Chicago. Wait, isn’t that Deus Ex? Yeah, I guess that makes it sound a bit un-original and time will tell if it has its own soul, but for now it certainly looks enjoyable in its own right. The game is expected to be an important release and huge seller for the now current, next-gen consoles, which haven’t seen very many big titles yet. If you haven’t noticed that, it’s probably because you’re a PC gamer with a huge backlog to play through.

Today’s trailer (below) is the first time that the games story-line has been front and center; showing that it’s a lot more than just running around a city wreaking havoc for no real reason. It also shows off the games current graphics which look quite impressive. Considering the extra months of development the game has received, it should be a well-polished work worth the wait.

It should be noted that Watch Dogs still has not be confirmed to be available on Steam. In fact, the PC version has been very subdued as Ubisoft pushes the PlayStation 4 version. Though, as with all big Ubisoft games, it is expected to be on Steam but will likely require the uPlay service to run. Apparently, these big publishers still feel the need to tack on more DRM than what Steam applies. Because you’re obviously as much of a hacker-pirate as the game’s protagonist.


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