Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance Beta is available on Steam for $9.99. This price gets you into Beta and once the game is released guarantees you the game as well. Developer Eutechnyx is leading the charge in this lane based strategy game. The game will be released on iOS and Android later in the first quarter of this year.


I played the Beta after the first update on February 28th and I can tell you Eutechnyx is on point with the 40k Universe. The game’s story follow the Dark Angels, the First Legion of the Emperor’s valiant Space Marines. The story is based on the planet Piscina IV, which is under siege from the Orks. The Dark Angels must fend off the Orks no matter the cost. The story is great and is definitely a plus if you’re a Warhammer 40k fan.

The game is a lane based strategy game and requires players to accumulate resources via Comms that players drop. Drop Pods are the players resource in producing the Dark Angels in all their glory. Each lane has an enemy resource or production unit on the opposite side, as the enemy produces units so must the player use produced space marine units to defend the lane and destroy the enemy manufacturing unit at the end of the other lane.


It sounds simplistic but the resource management is the big crux of the gameplay here. Eutechnyx does a great job on the tutorial walking players through all the nuances of game management.

What I can say thus far of the game is it will be a great pick up and play lane strategy game for Warhammer 40k fans. The game looks great so far but there are some user interface options that aren’t as intuitive to click. The back button seems to be a bit oddly placed but that’s just my feel of it so far. The sound design of clicking affirmation buttons to move through a menu is a bit gong like as well.

Eutechnyx is open to feedback on their forums, so if you purchase the beta make sure you visit them to discuss your time with the game.


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