For a game that anyone can play for free, Valve really does put more work in to it than most other studios put in to a cash-cow. The secret, though, is that Team Fortress 2 actually is a huge source of revenue thanks to the Steam Community Market integration. Still, with constantly added items, new features, maps, and even entirely new modes the game has been kept fresh for over 6 years (did I just make you feel old?) and retained a great audience to this day. And on this day, the team dedicated solely to Team Fortress 2 has posted a new update that teases even more new stuff, including an addition to the games user-generated content.

In the post, the team announced the release of the third issue of the online Team Fortress comic entitled “A Cold Day In Hell“. But while that may have been the real purpose of the post, it’s the small update on what they intend to add to the game that’s the interesting bit. For one thing, a new map is being finalized called “Moonbase” which seems to be exactly what it sounds like. The map will have “a whole bunch of interesting new gameplay” associated with it, and that may mean a default use of low-gravity. No details were provided, however.

Also, and this is what you could call “burying the lead”, aside from working on adding a few new taunts for each of the characters, Valve will soon be giving you the ability to upload and share your own custom-made taunts on the Steam Workshop. How this will be accomplished is unknown, though I suspect some use of Source Filmmaker will be involved. No release window was given or even hinted at in the update, but we’ll keep you posted when this feature goes live.


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