Steam Dev Days has been bringing us a lot of insider information regarding Steam and Valve. We recently learned about the payout numbers that Valve has been spending to create in game content for titles Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2. $10,215,796 has been paid to 661 creators for a total of 2,349 items that have been created in this system.

Back in 2010 Valve had 63 creators creating a total of 106 items costing Valve $590,900. This is a huge difference from the 2013 numbers. These details can be found in the graph above.

During Steam Dev Days, Valve also announced that 90

percent of the items in Team Fortress 2 today came from the community. In addition there are currently 17 million user accounts and 500 million items within the game.


So our question to you is, do you thing 10 million bucks is a large number to pay out for in game content? Is this number high compared to titles on other systems or is this something normal? Let us know what you think.





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