Valve’s Steam network has really taken off this past year, with many console players jumping ship over to the PC gaming market.  But years ago, when things first started out, Steam was on what some considered shaky ground.  Numerous hacks, security breaches, users not able to access bought games, accounts locked or hijacked, the list goes on.  But they have learned from their mistakes, corrected their errors, have since decided to get “sort of” into the hardware game by partnering with other manufacturers to create their Steam Machines, and it would seem there is one thing left to do.  Grab more of those console gamers.

What better place than at E3, one of the biggest if not THE biggest video game conference of the entire year.  E3 host’s the big three; Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.  Each will have their own keynote, along with the bigger publishers and developers cramming in for keynote space as well.  What better place than at E3 for Valve and their partners to show off those soon to be released Steam Machines, announce major updates to the Steam back-end and architecture, the newest features for their Source engine, and maybe even throw in a surprise or two.

While its not likely, even by a long shot, that Valve just decides to show up at E3 in 2014, next year is much different.  Steam machines will have matured on the market for a little while, more partners will likely be announced with development happening quickly on their own machines, VR gear should very well take off soon and who is to stop the company that added 10 million gamers in the span of time that Microsoft and Sony both released their newest console’s.


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