Upwards, Lonely Robot is the newest offering from Kasedo Games which proves simple platforming is not dead in the gaming world.  I praised an early build of this game not too long ago, which can be read here.  The burning question now is did the final product live up to the promise it showed in the early build?  I am happy to say the answer is yes, yes it did.  The core elements remain the same.  You are a spherical lonely robot who collects fruit to prevent yourself from running out of energy while making your way to a tree that sits atop a tower.  On the vertical journey various traps such as dripping acid, spikes, and mechanical giant bugs try to stop your progress.

An elevator would make this so much easier…

The story is still told one dialog box at a time upon completion of each level, which made it difficult for me to stop playing on my initial playthrough because I wanted to know what was going to be revealed next.  There is a lot of replay value with this game.  It is very easy to learn but difficult to master.  The easiest difficulty level allows new players to race to completion quickly if you just want to see the story unravel, but the harder difficulties will test the skills of seasoned platforming masters, of which I can say I am not.  There are online leaderboards for the challenge modes, and I am sure now that this game is available to the public my ranking on there will plummet like the mean IQ score in Idiocracy.  There are also a two player competitive mode which is a great way to enjoy social interaction without the annoyance of having to be engaged in conversation with another human being.

Maybe if the robots played co op instead of competitively they wouldn’t be so lonely.

The music is well composed and fits the overall charming feel of the game, and I am pleased to say that there is more than one music track for the towers which was my one major gripe about the beta I played.  The graphics are vividly colored and there is a lot of detail into the robot bugs that try to prevent you from reaching the top of the towers.  The controls are smooth, so whenever I did fail in my ascent I couldn’t use that as an excuse.

What an odd place for a tree

Overall, there really is not much bad I can say about this game.  The only people I can think of that would not like this game are people who simply hate platforming or puzzle games.  And if you do, as good as this is I doubt this game will change your mind.  But if you enjoy this type of game, the amount of content you get for the asking price of ten bucks would be very difficult to beat.  And the as far as the content goes the quality does match the quantity.



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