As I had free choice of which game to write about I found myself quickly in a not seeing the wood for the trees kind of situation. Which in this case is a good thing, who would visit a download site with no choice. So I decided to go with a developer I am quite familiar with namely Lucasarts. Originally developed by  Frontier, distributed by Lucasarts and available on steam it was released in 2007. I’ll keep this in mind evaluating it.


Your task is managing a theme park and although you will begin on a small area with only a couple of rides you can build more rides on free spaces and unlock other themed parks as you progress. In the park your main duties will be building and customize new rides, hiring and training your park employees and  talking to the visitors, challenging them, flirting with the opposite sex and my personal favorite bribing critics for a good review.

Most of your time you’ll spend playing mini games. Training your employees, challenging your customers and all rides you can hop on will be brought to you as mini games. most of the mini games resemble polished versions of old NES and C64 games. For example a side scrolling beat ém up which made me think of streets of rage. A Mario like game and a version of 1942 called Luftwaffe. All  these games can be played with a group of friends in party mode. And believe me because of the humor in some of the games you’ll have a lot of fun. It could be that I just need to practice more but some of the mini games are easier and have better handling played with a gamepad. The controls do what you want them to do but the gamepad just gives you that little bit of extra control. Because of all the variation in this game it will keep you occupied for quite some time alone or together with friends in party play.

For the graphics, well you can’t compare them with the latest next gen games. Even in the 2D mini games there was eye for detail, and the cut scenes are very well done. But in the park itself it just feels like they could have done more.  The sound is really good, the characters voices the background noises and even the music, but because the music is constantly repeated I found myself at a point turning it down.


Final conclusion. It actually is a children/family game but if that doesn’t bother you, or you’re able to scratch through that surface you’ll have a really funny game that will keep you playing for a long time. Certainly worth the money for the hours of fun you will have, alone or with your friends/family.



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