The second season of Telltale Games episodic take on the Walking Dead franchise was released last December with what many called a weak first part. Telltale later admitted that as a stand-alone game, the first episode doesn’t exactly hold up well, but the narrative it sets up will pay off in the end. While it has taken a while for that to be proven with a second episode, Telltale has announced that the wait won’t be much longer.

The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 2 – “A House Divided” will be available next week on March 4. The game as a whole follows a young girl name Clementine as she struggles to survive in a group on the run from hordes of “Walkers”. The gameplay, as with the first season, relies on player choices and quick-time-events to tell the story, which is portrayed in a comic-book style that harkens back to the franchises off-screen roots.

The Walking Dead Season 2 is available on Steam for $24.99. It will eventually consist of 5 episodes which will be added at no additional cost as they are released. Telltale Games has become well know for their design, narrative, and art style with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us as well as other smaller games such as Poker Night.



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