The Walking Dead is a video game adaptation of the popular comic written by Robert Kirkman and developed by Tell Tale Games. The Walking Dead comes in episodic chapters with all of season one currently available and season two coming out piece by piece currently. This game is an interactive point and click game about a convicted felon named Lee and his journey to protect a little girl name Clementine that he meets along his journey along the walker infested East Coast. With this dystopian world descending upon the residents of Georgia, the game focuses on how you handle, or in some instances do not handle, specific situations. Similar to games like Heavy Rain, the choices you make influence the events of the story and in keeping with the comic, there are many choices you make that will directly affect if characters live or die.


the-walking-dead-the-gameWhile only playing the first episode, it is evident that a lot of work was put into making the dialogue well written, the voice acting well done, and the tension palpable. Through focusing on these effects, the game holds true to the original comic and the now popular T.V. series, which helps bolster the games slightly sluggish controls. Thus far, the controls are my only complaint as they sometimes feel unresponsive and characters are unnecessarily slow in their movements. However, despite this issue, the game still feels very immersive and incredibly well done.


While I have not had the experience of finishing the entire season, The Walking Dead seems like a very interesting game I am very interested in finishing soon and I would recommend anyone interested in the franchise or good storytelling in general check this game out.


  1. Nice preview. I played 4 of the 5 episodes when I play the Xbox. When I sold the console to switch to Steam my digital copy of the game went with it. I do own the episodes on Steam as well but I would have to re do all of the first four just to get to the 5th. I will one of these days. Maybe over stream so people can see the story in action.


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