Feeling tired of all the space trading and colonization? Just want to cruise the galaxy at 20 kilometres per second, causing intergalactic mayhem and wreaking havoc throughout the universe? Look no further, because you found it. The Tomorrow War is based on the Russian best seller book trilogy: (Tomorrow War, With no Mercy, Moscow Time). Written by: Alexander Zorich. Alexander Zorich is a pseudonym of the two Russian writers Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky. CrioLand started development together with 1C Company in the summer of 2004. it is published by 1C Company. Although it is released on Steam 05-04-2009, it was originally released back in 2006 with a sequel in 2007, so the game is about ten years old. Alexander Zorich was personally involved as an author of scenario and dialogue. All the important pieces of the novels are represented in the game.

Gameplay 4.5/5.0

tomorrow war 4

In the 27th century new technologies made it possible for humans to colonize many planets, even ones thousands of light years away. One colony embraced an ancient religion and decided there was room for only one super force in the universe. Well, the main plot isn’t something we haven’t seen before. Our protagonist, Andrew Rumyancev is a space academy graduate preparing for his first real live battles. This is where we enter the story, after a short briefing we will jump in our galactic cruiser for some training missions. It’s wise to read the explanation windows, otherwise you might end up trying to get in formation time after time when in reality, all it takes is the stroke of a key. There is a lot of information to absorb in a short time, but you can read it back in your logs. I do highly recommend to read the manual, because of the many functions and controls.

Graphics 2.5/5.0

tomorrow war 5

It starts a bit slow, and with an yawn we will follow our squadron leader, shoot some training targets and reach certain places on your own. Believe me, you really want to take your time here to learn the handling of your ship. Later on, you’ll enter battles with more space ships than cars on the highway during rush hour. Breaking through the atmosphere and attacking ground units is a nice touch that you won’t see in a lot of games. It really gave me that “I am Luke Skywalker” feeling.  There are more than 30 different types of space vessels, varying from tiny fighters up to enormous space stations. This is fast paced, old school, dog fighting. Controls are very good, everything works great and direct. My only point of complaint is the cross hairs feel a bit soggy. All the information and menus have a good oversight.

sound 4.0/5.0

tomorrow war 6 goed

Graphics are dated and a bit of a mix. While some parts look rather attractive even today, others didn’t age too well. Let’s not forget this is running off decade old technology. Compare the very first Call Of Duty with the latest installment in the series. You’ll be flying through an enormous 3D environment, and what initially looks like dots will turn in to boulders bigger than your spacecraft. It took me a couple of minutes to make a full circle around a planet, even at full speed. You can land anywhere on any planet, or race over the surface while attacking ground units. Sound is not bad. Voice acting is torture to your ears at times. The music on the other hand is great. The sound effects are well done. It’s no wonder the game was chosen as game of the year back in 2006. In short, although the graphics can’t match anything created in the past few years, if you like a fast paced, high speed, action shooter, this is definitely something you should check out. The beginning is a bit slow but soon you’ll be soaked in lengthy missions with abundant enemies.

overall score 3.0/5.0

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