Recently I had the opportunity and honor to interview the developer for The Swindle. A Steampunk cyber crime caper, where you plunder, hack, and loot buildings to save the very way of life that is so near and dear to your thief’s heart. Here are some of the questions that I was able to ask the Dev.


  1. What inspired you to create The Swindle?
I don’t know, really. The idea for a 2D break-and-enter game has been kicking around in my head since I was a kid. It’s morphed and evolved a lot, but the Swindle is kind of that game. It’s nice to have it out of my brain after all this time, and into the wild.

2. How many people were involved in the making of the game?

Lots! I do most of the code and design, and I guess I produce it as well. The key other people were Michael Firman, who did all the art, Tobey Evans, who provided the amazing soundtrack, and Louise James, who has helped me out with some of the complicated programming

3. Do you have any plans for any expansions or DLC for the game?

Plans, yes. Whether or not they’ll happen is kind of down to how well the game sells, whether Michael’s interested in doing more art or not, lots of stuff. 

4. What can people expect from the game at first glance?

To die. A lot. The Swindle is a tough game, but it has this moreish “one more go” vibe that’ll keep you coming back.

5. How long did it take you to finalize the game?

Total development was about a year and a half, and the whole thing was sitting pretty working well after about 6 months. The final year has been spent adding content, making it prettier, fixing up bugs.

6. Do you have plans for any multiplayer aspects to the game?

Ha ha no, I’m sworn off multiplayer. I’m not convinced I’m a good fit for online games 🙂

7. Do you plan on making any more games, such as The Swindle, in the future?

I’m planning on making more games, but I don’t like making more of the same thing. I’ll get bored if I make another procedurally-generated burglary simulator, it’s time for something a bit different!

8. If you were to give gamers a single reason to try your game, what would it be?

Because there’s nothing else quite like it out there, it evokes some feelings deep in your tummy that no other game can, that feeling of tension and vulnerability, sort of like butterflies from doing a real burglary, I guess. 

9. As a developer, how difficult was it to make, produce, and put together this game with all the music and artwork?

Ha ha as hard as any game, really. There’s a lot of back-and-forth in the early stages, getting the art and music to gel nicely and come together for the vision you have, but once it’s clicked and you’re both like “THAT’S IT!” it can just come in thick and fast and there’s rarely anything I need to do. Michael and Tobey were just constantly firing perfect, quality stuff at me.

10. Do you have any goals for the game, I.E amount of fans or success?

The game’s already made back its development budget, so I’ve got enough in the bank to make another game. I think that’s the only goal I ever have for my games, is that they keep me doing what I love doing.

11. If there was one thing you could change about the game, what would it be?

I don’t know, I’m continually tweaking things based on player feedback. Honestly I’d like to put more variations in the buildings, but there’s a budget limit on how much art Michael can pump out, he’s one man and he’s done an incredible job making all the art. But a little part of me always wants more.

12. If there was one thing you could tell the fans of the game, what would you say?

Thank you so much for buying it, and for your support, It means the world to me. Please make other people buy it, too.

If you’d like to watch the video review of the game, Click Here!
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