Stands true more than ever.

Many hobbyist communities in general, particularly in the West, have been poisoned by those who don’t try to understand or even respect the hobby in question. Many games have been suffered by developers and publishers trying to pander to non-gamers (a.k.a. people who’ll never buy your product in the first place).

Battlefield V is the perfect example of why trying to appeal to politically correctness is fruitless, with Soderland’s condescending “right side of history” wanking and holier-than-thou excuse making. It’s made more and more clear that these AAA Publishers don’t even understand games or gamers. They only see their own oblivious PR stunts and the imaginary pile of bills they think they can make.

And the deluge of Sekiro “easy mode” whinging that comes from so-called “gaming media” is, but one of many displays of how current mainstream games journalists not only have no understanding of video games, but no desire to cover and do them justice. Instead, we see them constantly bitching about “diversity” this, “sexuality” that, “homophobe” here, “difficulty” there.

These two elements of gaming in particular are the most dangerous to gaming as a creation, because they both stand in places of greater power and visibility respectively. Instead of trying to understand the needs of the consumers are happy to shell out potentially hundreds of dollars for a solid product, game developers and communities keep trying to assuage the mewling quims that had no interest in dedicating themselves to their products in the first place.

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