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The First Steam Machine Benchmarks Are In



It is exciting to think that in a few short months we can likely see the first retail Steam Machines go on sale.  With that in mind us PC gamers always love benchmarks.  Come on, who does not enjoy telling their buddy how their monster gaming rig scream’s?  While some of you out there might be basing your Steam Machine purchase on price others will be looking into benchmarks to see which best fit’s them.  Futuremark has done the work for you, at least on 7 of the 13 announced Steam Machines, to give you an idea of how the spec’s equal real world benchmarks.  Check out the graph below for their research and see which best fit’s your budget.  Anyone out there already know which Steam Machine they would like to buy?


  1. I’m looking forward to the more affordable ones, iBuypower’s and Alienware’s Steam Machines. Specially iBuyPowers, If It really turns out to be a little more powerful than consoles It would be great. And if SteamOS supports Mantle in the future that would be a huge bonus! AMD should be rewarded because they develop open technologies, Nvidia doesn’t.


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