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Titan Books has been a provider of many outstanding books for us here at SteamFirst for some time now. They have provided us with titles including:

and now we were given the opportunity to take a look at The Art of Watch_Dogs.

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This book was released on May 27th 2014 by Titan Books. The author Andy McVittie is a 20 year veteran to the videogame industry. The Art of Watch_Dogs is a 143 page book broken into four sections which are featured in the image above. These sections will be discussed individually below and include: 1. Dramatis_Personae   2. The_Living_City   3. The_Underground   4. Everything_is_Connected.

watchdogs-steamfirst-steam-book-art-review-watch-dogs (6)Dramatis_Personae: The first chapter of this book focuses on the characters you will find within the game. Much of this focus in on the main character Aiden Pearce. The first few pages focus on his general look, clothing and details of the physical character. There are some nice close up images within these pages that give you a more intimate, in depth knowing of Aiden.

Following the main man, you are introduced to other characters including Clara Lilie, Jordi Chin, T-Bone Grady, Iraq Wade, Lucky Quinn, Poppy Dean and a handful of friends, family and associates. All of these characters come with a small description and a more in depth look at the making and finished product of their character.

watchdogs-steamfirst-steam-book-art-review-watch-dogs (9)The_Living_City: Chapter two takes a look at the cities and environments you will encounter in game. This chapter starts out with Chicago, a city known for its safe, clean beautiful streets… Well, the city looks pretty run down and not beautiful here. When we look deeper into the city as in 2.2 Faces in Places, you see a lot of the same. Some water scenes, overhead views and Windy Mills.  2.3 takes us to Retail Solutions giving us a peek into the shops and stores within Chicago. In here things look gorgeous. Even the laundromat looks fantastic. This here is clearly the highlight of the chapter in my opinion. 2.3 continued zips us to the Loop showing us the outside close up art of the buildings including the drug store, a stadium stage and fountain. 2.4 Mad Mile is pretty cool featuring skyscrapers, a gun shop, subways and city lights. 2.5 takes us over the wrong side of the tracks to The Wards. Here we have some small homes, train stations and construction sites. 2.6 – 2.7 Brandon docks shows us bridges, water and boat yards. Later in the section you see some hideouts featured in game. 2.8 In Parker Square we have some shots of inner homes. (decorating tips needed) 2.9 Pawnee dam and bridge construction. 2.10 Deep in the woods (self explanatory) 2.11 Junkyard featuring junk, much of which is constructed into insect like creatures. I wonder if Aiden can take control of these mechs.

watchdogs-steamfirst-steam-book-art-review-watch-dogs (10)The_Underground: This chapter offers some great art, much looking like street art / graffiti. There are lots of colors here offering some bright tones to the book and game itself. Some critiques I have heard about the game itself were based around the realistic art / colors used within the city. People claimed it looks unpleasant and lacked brightness and color. I believe that this was the idea as the development team was going for when trying to create a realistic environment. This is where the graffiti comes in handy. The chapter and art style adds the pop that many needed to brighten up the dreary city streets.

Everything_is_Connected: This is the chapter that gives Watch_Dogs its name. Aiden has the ability to control everything within the city, making everything connect to him. He is the all mighty in this city and he calls the shots. This chapter gives some light to his abilities and tech powers within the game. One of my favorite images from the book is in this chapter and featured below.

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To close this out, this book is what I have come to expect from anything put out by Titan Books. Well constructed, well thought out and worth the $30 price tag. I encourage die hard fans of the title to look into adding this book to their collection of Watch_Dogs momentous.

If you are interested in picking up a copy you can visit Titan Books to do so.

Final Score 4/5