Overnight, Valve announced that it is that time of the year again! In one of two announcements made last night, Valve (via the Team Fortress 2 Blog) announced the 5th Annual Saxxy Awards will be accepting entries from November 4th-November 11th, with the winners being announced on November 18th. The Saxxy Awards are an annual film-making competition in which gamers submit their own videos into one of several categories. In previous years, the focus of the videos was limited to Team Fortress 2 only. However, thi year, Valves opening this competition up o include any of the games from it;s fine gaming universe. Counter Strike, DOTA  & TF2 are just some of the possibilities. Anything Valve is going to be acccepted this year.


The videos are limited to 3 minutes, except for the category “Best Extended, which can run up to 5 minutes. The various categories that will be judged are as follows:

Best Action

Best Drama

Best Comedy

Best Short

Best Extended

Best Overall

The prize this year, as is usually the case, is a rare “Saxxy” weapon for use in Team Fortress 2. The winner of the Best Overall category gets flown to Seattle for a free tour of Valve’s studios there. Again, entries will be ccpeted from November 4th through November 11th and voting takes place via the Steam Community until November 16th. Please visit the official TF2 blog for more info. Get your entries together and good luck! Also, take a minute to browse YouTube and see some entries from past Saxxy’s, including last year’s Best Overall winner!


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