Supreme League Of Patriots is an indie point & click adventure game developed by No Bull Intentions and published by Phoenix Online Publishing. It was released 01-29-2015 on Steam. The protagonist in this story is Kyle Keever, who, in his daily life is a janitor at the New York police precinct. Supported by his loyal, sarcastic and apparently illegal British friend, Mel, he’s entering the new hit TV show, America’s Got Superpowers.


gameplay 4.0/5.0

Hardly two minutes into the game, I found myself reminded of an ancient Lucas Arts title: Sam & Max Hit The Road. Later, in the third part titled Ice Cold in Ellis, my suspicion was confirmed when I saw a familiar bunny logo on the side of the Patriot mobile. Kyle has no problems lying, blackmailing and cheating his way to the finals. He isn’t the brightest bulb and rather clumsy, too. The studio nurse, Nurse Julie, is on hand to patch Kyle up at the end of each round of the show. This is despite the fact that she is a gothic and sinister type of woman who will make any excuse to end at her patients suffering. Permanently. Kyle gets hurt so bad during the final round that his entire consciousness will be taken over by the Purple Patriot, his superhero persona. Although Kyle seems to be a laid back, open-minded kind of guy, his alter ego is the complete opposite; a sexist, racist, and fascist homophobe who will easily frame innocent people to achieve his goal. Not only his personality but also his voice changes.


graphics 3.5/5.0

While avoiding spoiler territory,  the player will find all sorts of absurd and hilarious situations during the adventures. The gameplay is cast in the classic point & click adventure mold with an original and different inventory system. While puzzle solutions can be a bit odd, the answer cannot be implemented until Mel is asked for help. I would have preferred to just proceed ue have Mel used as a “help me not be a bonehead” option when needed. Maybe they did this to emphasize how dumb the Patriot is, which does make sense in the story. The conversations are a bit on the long side but, because of the sarcasm and humor, I did not find it the least bit tedious. Everything will be made fun of: politicians, celebrities, and not even the player will be spared.


sound 5.0/5.0

Graphics are made in a cartoon/comic style that show polish. Backgrounds are well made and fit perfectly into this absurd adventure. The sound stands out. The music is perfect for the game and every location has its own tune. There is definitely an aural variety. Effects have the wackiness you would expect in such a title and the voice actors are well cast for the characters. There is speech everywhere including the old Batman style narrator. You shouldn’t expect Myst or Zack McKracken type puzzles. That said, if you like a casual adventure game with loads of humor, this is something you can’t afford to miss. While some reviews on Steam mention issues with the humor, the goal was not to be racist or sexist. Instead, it sets out to mock that mentality. I recommend snagging the season pass to save some money. I, for one, can’t wait for the second season to see what mess they will create next. It’s time to put on your cape and frame some innocents like a good patriot supposed to do.

overall score 4.0/5.0


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