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I wanted to make a cool audio comparison guide, looking at different audio solutions then decided on one as the, objectively, best one. But when I was in the process of testing these setups I noticed it’s kind of hard to choose one definitively right setup, even from a purely objective standpoint. Because a lot of things like: Recording space, room space, equipment, how much money someone’s willing to shell out for the equipment and then to what lengths they’re willing to go to optimize their space for recording play a huge part in what would be best for most people.


However, looking at it, objectively, a nice dedicated mic and headphone setup is faaaaaaar better than a headset for a lot of consumer and professional projects. So instead of just one video that ends on the conclusion that “My Blue Yeti/Sennheiser-ultra-cool-headphones-that-are-better-than-your-headset9000’s are infinitely better because X tests yielded Y results which means Z setup is inferior because-yadda yadda yadda.” I’d much rather make multiple videos showcasing multiple products within multiple price ranges and styles to both build up my portfolio and help make some informed decisions on audio solutions.


Something I forgot to mention in the video is the audio files from the microphone on this headset, if you’d like to compare it to whatever you’re using now, or just to hear the sweet sound of my voice anytime your phone rings you can grab a recording off the Sound Cloud link here.


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My streams mainly consist of artwork and editing, but sometimes I tend to play World of Warcraft as well as give lots of insight on various video editing and graphic design techniques.



 Review Score: 2.5/5


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