People have been talking about Steams in home streaming client. Wondering what it is all about? In a nutshell, in home streaming allows gamers to play a game on one computer in their home while the game and all of the processes are actually taking place on another machine within the household. The audio and video is captured from the remote computer which then sends it to the computer being used to play the game while the commands from the controller, mouse and keyboard are sent from the computer you are gaming on to the remote computer.

Why is this a big deal? An issue many people have with gaming is that the computers they are trying to play there games on, are unable to keep up with the demands of the titles requirements. Using the streaming client allows you to play graphically intense games which are stored on the remote computer and stream the game to a more basic, lower spec laptop that you are using in another room, in bed or even on your back deck.

Image courtesy of Steam in home streaming
Image courtesy of Steam in home streaming

This streaming client is still in limited beta which means you must be invited by steam to use the service. Below is the how to which is quoted from the Steam site.

Once you have received your invitation, you can start streaming in 3 easy steps:

  1. Opt into the Steam client beta on two computers.

  2. Login to the Steam beta client on both computers with the same account.

  3. Go to the computer where you want to play and start playing your game.