Zenimax_V_OculusZenimax seeking compensation for Oculus Rift technology:
It’s terrible to see your loved ones fight each other. Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda and Id, has filed a lawsuit against Oculus VR claiming they are owed compensation for code supposedly used in the Virtual Reality “Rift” headset. All this hinges on the allegation that John Carmack (co-founder of Id software) stole the code in question, which he wrote while under contract to Zenimax, when he left the publisher and joined Oculus VR. Zenimax is not requesting a stop or slowing to Oculus Rift production,  but is demanding that their “legal rights” be given due consideration since they believe that Carmack’s work at Oculus VR is a direct result of VR research he conducted while under the employ of Zenimax. In response to these charges, Carmack was tweeted that “No work I have ever done has been patented. Zenimax owns the code that I wrote, but they don’t own VR“. He later clarified that statement by saying “Oculus uses zero lines of code that I wrote while under contract to Zenimax”. The lawsuit is also directed toward social media giant, Facebook, who bought Oculus VR for $2 billion earlier this year.


SpaceyMore details revealed about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare:
Activision revealed the new title in the Call of Duty franchise ahead of the world-wide reveal that was planned to be held today. Instead, we have now been given details that explain what the odd things seen in the reveal trailer for Advanced Warfare mean for the game, thanks to an upcoming issue of Game Informer. Activision has said that the game is set in the year 2054 and follows a major disaster event that is compared to a “global 9-11”. The campaign features only one playable character, Private Mitchell, who is voiced by Troy Baker (Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite and The Joker in Arkham Origins). The Powered Exo-suit worn by Mitchell allows for many super-human feats of acrobatics and brute force, which can all be augmented by spending points earned from in-game missions. No details on multi-player have been given, so you will have to imagine how this Titan Fall-esque gameplay and ability-customization from ranking up will transition to the online battlefield. More information can be found HERE.


NeversoftNeversoft absorbed by Infinity Ward:
Activision is mixing their chocolate with their peanut-butter. Neversoft, the studio that created the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero games, has been retired and folded in to Infinity Ward (the Infinity Ward name will remain while Neversoft is now no-more). The two teams recently collaborated on Call of Duty: Ghosts and apparently enjoyed the experience quite a bit.  An internal memo within Activision has referred to the merger as a-kin to turning Infinity Ward into a “super-studio”. However, while the core development teams of both studios will remain intact, the head of Neversoft, Joel Jewett, and the studio director, Scott Pease, have left the company. Meanwhile, the studio head of Activision, Dave Stohl, as been installed as the new head of Infinity Ward. Activision has previously been accused by the gaming-public of nearly killing Infinity Ward shortly after their acquisition by muscling out the developers “top-brass” and attempting to place their own people at the top. Dis spite giving Infinity Ward a sizable boost with this merger, it seems they have finally assumed complete control. What ever is being made by this new “super-studio” that Activision felt was important enough to make such a bold move is entirely unknown.


CS_dudeCounter Strike: Global Offensive update adds a lot of community-made content:
There has been yet another big update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. On Thursday, Valve rolled out the first batch of community-made stickers in the form of “Community Sticker Capsule One”, which will include one of 18 new designs. Valve has also added some community-made weapon finishes along-side some of their own in the “Huntsman” case, totaling 15 new looks. Also dropping post-game is the  “Bank Collection” which adds 15 new camouflaged weapons and some blinged-out money-themed ones. The update also gives users the ability to customize their in-game HUD by changing the color, size, and position of various elements. The games settings menu has been largely overhauled to accommodate the additional options. But aside from the more visual elements, the update makes some tweaks to a couple of maps and weapons. You can read the full change-log HERE to find out all the details and see which of your tactics have now been ruined.


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