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Steam_guardSeriously, you need to be using Steam Guard… and common sense:
I’ll start this roundup by being a little preachy. Steam is no more impervious to internet security issues than any other online site or store. And with the news of Heartbleed still causing concern even after most of the net has patched it, now would be a good time to do that thing that you should do every couple of months; change your passwords for anything important. And use something good while you’re at it. And also while you’re at it, turn on Steam Guard to protect your library, Steam Wallet, inventory, and (if you have one saved) your credit card. Steam Guard is what is known as a “second-factor authentication” system that will send you an email with an access code that you enter along with your password anytime you try to log in to a machine that does not have your log-in credentials on file. It’s a minor inconvenience, but unless someone has access to your username and password for both your Steam and Email accounts, then they won’t be able to get in. Which is also a very good reason why you should use a different password for your Email than you do for anything else (ideally, they would all be different). However, no measure of security is more effective than the intelligence level of you, the user. There are scammers out there that will request secure information from users in the hopes that one will bite. Unfortunately, too many do. A recent scam has become popular where the scammer asks the scammee to somehow provide them with a file located in the victims Steam installation directory that stores their log-in information. Why someone would fall for this I do not understand, but enough have that is has now made it’s rounds across news sources and into your eyeballs at this very moment. So, be careful out there, don’t be dumb, and take proper measures to protect yourself. And I mean everywhere.


DrHaxGarry’s Mod servers hacked and given a terrible cough:
Sometimes, though, they’re just isn’t any way to avoid a malicious black-hat. Yesterday, a hacker managed to upload an odd little virus into a Garry’s Mod server that secretly downloaded to the computer of any other user connected to it. Any infected user who connected to any other server would then cause that virus to be uploaded to that server and you can pretty much see where it went from there and how it spread so quickly across a large part of the games multiplayer. While it may sound like an awfully effective way to deliver a dangerous piece of malware (and it is) this particular virus doesn’t seem to do anything except change the players username to “VINH’LL FIX IT” and cause them to involuntarily spam the chat with “**COUGH**”, complete with an audible sound effect from the character. The games developer, FacePunch, has released a patch of their own but this issue was made possible by exploiting a flaw in the Source engine itself, so it’s possible that all Source games are at risk. I have noticed today that an update has been rolled out, but the description is vague enough that it’s unknown if it patches this particular bug or not. FacePunch recommends that any recent players of Garry’s Mod uninstall the game and download a clean version from Steam then run a good virus scan using an anti-virus software or online virus scanner just to be sure that any stealth .dll file you may have gotten hasn’t done something more damaging.


JediOutcastLogoStar Wars: Jedi Knight 2 – Jedi Outcast HD remake mod in development by indie artist:
Leave it to talented players to do the work big studios won’t. Sometimes a good mod can become the the only way to play a game by adding much needed content, restoring or fixing unused modules, or modifying an existing part of the game in some way to make it that much better. And there are times when these mods end up taking the role of a complete remake, even if it remains in the same engine. That’s the case with a newly started HD remake mod of Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 – Jedi Outcast. The mod is currently only being made by its founder, JDB Artist, who is looking for anyone who can help to join him. Being an independent project, don’t expect to be able to download the mod any time soon but if you’re a fan of Jedi Outcast, do remember that the project is out there helping to improve one of the best Star Wars and multiplayer games ever made. Mods of such ambition wouldn’t have been possible if the games original developer, Raven Software, hadn’t released the source code after LucasArts was shut down due to Disney acquiring the rights to Star Wars. Strangely, the source code is now no longer officially available after Raven unexpectedly removed it without explanation. But since this is the internet, it’s still out there.


BioShock_RusticLogoBioshock movie resurfaces:
Despite the fact that movies based on video games are never a good thing (no, your “one exception” was still bad), some game worlds and story-lines just beg to be given a live-action rendition. Halo, Deus Ex, and Mass Effect are just a few of the titles that have been officially announced for a film adaptation but are locked in a purgatory of no production. But another game that could potentially make a fantastic movie, Bioshock, has recently shown a small sign of life. Sony Pictures has registered multiple Bioshock-related URLs including, which indicate the studios intention to pick up the long-dead project. The movie has drowned and buried by the creator of Bioshock, Ken Levine, after Gore Verbinski left as director and his replacement, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, was given the axe due to creative differences.  Just goes to show that if a film adaptation of a game hasn’t been made, it’s because the creative director still cares for it. And that care for the Bioshock baby has caused many to speculate that Mr. Levine himself may take on the job of director or other leading creative role now that Bioshock Infinite has been completed and Irrational Games drastically down-sized. Levine has already gotten his feet wet in film by writing the script for the upcoming reboot of Logan’s Run. Earlier this year, one of the concept artists for Bioshock, Jim Martin, posted a few pieces he had produced for the movie which showed that it was intended to retain the artistic style of the in-game underwater city of Rapture.


Happy Easter to you.


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