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DeusEx_ChillinSquare Enix trademarks Deus Ex: Humanity Divided:
I’ll let it be known that I’m not a fan of this potential title, but definitely excited to hear that a new entry in the Deus Ex series may be coming soon. We’ve known ever since October 2013 that Eidos Montreal was developing a new Deus Ex for the modern consoles and PC, but no details have been given. Now, a new trademark has been discovered by people who apparently comb through these things every day (which I’m grateful for) by publisher Square Enix for “Deus Ex: Humanity Divided”. The name is appropriate considering the trans-humanist cultural warfare that is a huge part of the Deus Ex world, but somehow it sounds more like a title for a new novel or comic than it does a game. Something along those lines wouldn’t be so strange considering the multi-media initiative called Deus Ex: Universe which seeks to “deliver meaningful content that expands the franchise” through the use of “tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels, etc” as well as games.


XenoMorphAlien: Isolation release date announced:
The Aliens series has become rather tainted after the abysmal failure that was Colonial Marines. It’s likely that many of you haven’t even been following the announcements surrounding the upcoming Alien: Isolation because of that. After all, Sega has made a host of promises very reminiscent of those made before Colonial Marines came out. However, a return to the isolated (I get it), survival-horror roots of the original Alien instead of the all out warfare of Aliens is a tempting setting; further enforced by the games main character, Amanda Ripley-McClaren, who is the daughter of none other than Ellen Ripley. If that has you interested, then good news: the release date for Isolation was announced for October 7 for current consoles and on PC through Steam. No pricing has been detailed yet.


FTLFTL: Enhanced Edition release date announced:
In other news regarding the release dates for games with ships and aliens and stuff: the Enhanced Edition of the great indie title, FTL: Faster Than Light, was revealed to be April 3. The upcoming DLC add-on will include enhanced visuals, new gameplay mechanics, and a new difficulty option and will be available free of charge to those who already own the base game. I had actually forgotten this was even coming, but fortunately that doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet purchased the game, since the aforementioned offer will stand until the DLC is released. So, if you’re interested, buy it before April 3 and you’ll get more for your 10 bucks.


GordanHalf-Life Alpha demo available for download:
1997? Has it really been that long? That’s when a preview CD (what’s a CD?) was given out to journalists and reviewers for the upcoming game, Half-Life. The disc included media items, some interesting information on the game and its technology, as well as a demo built from an early alpha version of the game. Now, a poster on Reddit has made the contents of this elusive disc available on the internet after getting his hands on an original copy. The CD sold on Ebay for over $700 but you can have access to everything it contains from Valvetime, who has shared multiple links to the Zip archive. Having played it, I’m not so sure what it intended to show off, but it’s pretty cool to go through what is basically the baby pictures of a landmark game.


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