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Kevin Gibson

kevin-gibson-program-steamfirstBeing a gamer has been in my blood since I discovered the magical land of video gaming. When I was a kid, I never understood why everyone wanted to be Lawyers, doctors or police officers. All I wanted was to become a Pokemon master, while being trained in the art of Fire magic by a wise monk in the mountains. Once I realized this was not possible, I settled for being part of the video gaming industry in some form. Since then, I have completed a 1.5 years of college for game programming, and spent countless hours playing games like DOTA and Pokemon, hoping to one day become a pro. Since those two options didn’t fit, I currently create YouTube let’s plays,  while writing reviews here. Out of all my adventures, this one is the most satisfying and I’m looking forward to where life takes me. Also, I’m a CSR drone, working in a call center, but that part of life is not important, since it lacks magic and animals in balls.

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Jared Gooch

jared-gooch-steamfirstWaking up on Saturday mornings and playing whatever console my family owned at the time, is still one of my best memories.  There was always something exciting and familiar waking up bleary eyed at six in the morning on Saturdays and playing until cartoons came on at eight.  My little brother was always player two, so I had a built in gaming partner in crime as we conquered imaginary worlds.

Story and interacting with the characters is what makes gaming so appealing to me, with fewer hours to play games I’ve come to appreciate the pick up and play games though.  I work in the IT field, which I’m sure many gamers do since IT seems to be the occupational herd that gamers travel in.

I’m the deals and bundles guy on Steam1st, so drop me a line if you have some great Steam games covered in discount love.

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 Jay Rode

jay-rode-steamfirst-authorA tech enthusiast who uses every bit of computer time to soak up gaming news and reviews. He plays lots of shooters but still stinks at all of them. Also, Garry’s Mod is God.

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Chris Shive

chris-steamfirst-authorChris is rumored to be a troll that illegally immigrated to the United States from Norway at a young age.  He assumed the alias of Baron Stacheforth, and made many failed attempted at earning a living in the world of theater.  When this failed, he earned a living as a musician in various metal bands until success and debauchery took its toll and he got sloppy in hiding his Scandinavian heritage.  His true identity was revealed, and that led to his downfall.  He now spends his free time playing video games, as their cathartic nature is beneficial to him in exorcising the demons that possessed him after spending large amounts of time in a maximum security psych ward within the department of corrections.  He writes reviews for the games he plays because he cannot afford to purchase them.

Find Chris on Fitocracy , his personal Facebook and his multiple Facebook groups. GroupGroup

Marc Strijthagen


Started gaming on the all time classic C64. Owned a couple of consoles but returned to PC gaming and never looked back. It took me a while to get used to getting a game without having a disc, and now I don’t want it any other way.


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