art-of-titanfall-coverTitanfall may not be a game available on Steam, but being that PC titles can be mapped to the Steam interface, this title in a round about way becomes a relevant one.

The Art of Titanfall is a gorgeous, 192 page, hardcover book published by Titan Books which shares a plethora of information from the development to the final product of the game Titanfall. The art of Titanfall was released on February 11, 2014 to share and detail the development artwork Respawn Entertainment used to create the game. Allow me to go through the aspects of the book itself with my impressions of each section. All of the images shared from this review are pictures from the book I have in hand.

The Art of Titanfall consists of four sections which all show off the hard work that has been put into the creation of Titanfall. Below is the image of what can be found within the contents section of the book.


Titans and Pilots

art-of-titanfall-titansThe Titans and Pilots begins by showing off the huge Titans that you can mount and fight as within the game. The Titans shown here include the Ogre, Atlas and Stryder. These hunks of metal are huge, detailed and to be straight up wrecking machines. The details of the Titans are highlighted as is the field of view that is displayed from the seat within the machine.

Pilots may not look as diesel as the Titans but they are filled with detail making many of them look extremely realistic. The artistic elements shine in these characters and allow you to see the amount of time and skill put into each element of the game. These Pilots are broken into the following groups: Militia, Imc, Pilots, Rebels, Spectres, Grunts and Creatures. The best way for me to explain the look of these characters is by saying they look like a mix of models from Halo and Defiance. Either way you look at these, you will realize they look amazing and realistic.

Vehicles, Weapons and Tech

art-of-titanfall-vehiclesThis section of the book is broken up into three sub sections. Vehicles, weapons and tech occupy 36 pages of this book and consist of a large amount of different models for each of the sub sections, too many to list in fact.

Vehicles begin the display of this category and you can instantly see that the ideas put into place are solid, polished and evolved from ideas seen before, but now seen to a fuller potential. Vehicles range from air carriers where it seems people live, to ground vehicles used for transportation and battle. Although these vehicles are well thought ideas, it does not seem that the detail matches what we saw earlier in the pilots. Saying this is me digging for a criticism. The vehicles are still sweet and look great. No reason at all for concern here.

art-of-titanfall-weaponsWeapons seem to be a mix of modern tech weaponry and space age weapons. The balance in the image models are perfect. The weapons don’t look too corny or space aged, yet they don’t look boring and plain. It is as if you take modern day weapons and add some extra futuristic tech to them. I am definitely a fan of the look of these weapons. If they perform as good as they look gamers are in for a treat when playing the game.

The tech section includes robots, construction vehicles and armor that I would assume will be usable in the game. There is not as much here compared to the weapons and vehicles but I assume that tech is also part of what is found within the vehicles and part of the weapons. Either way, this stuff looks darn cool.


art-of-titanfall-locationsThe locations portion of this book is by far the largest section containing 94 pages of maps, sketches, battlegrounds, and building structures. My favorite image from this book is in this section, more specifically, Colony and displayed to the left. The image features an old style house / shack with a bunch of modern tech attached. The image is gorgeous, extremely detailed and you can tell the shack itself tells a story.

Although I could go on about this image itself, there are 93 other pages in the section which show off what you can expect from the game. All of the environments are well though out, gorgeous and many of them are extremely different. You will not feel that all of the battlegrounds are the same when browsing through the pages. Take a moment and imagine yourself running through these environments. A little imagination never hurt anyone.

Graphics and Modeling

art-of-titanfall-modelsThe final section only consists of a few pages but is an important part in my opinion. In these five pages you will be introduced to the models used to create the creatures, characters and armor found in the game. It is pretty amazing to see that all of the beautiful art found within this book started off as both sketches and models.

Overall Impression

After taking the time to look through The Art of Titanfall book I was thoroughly impressed. This book acts as proof that an insane amount of time and effort was put into the creation of the game. This is a gorgeous piece of art within itself and would be an excellent addition to any art collectors, Titanfall fan or even general gamers collection. I don’t think that any gamer in their right mind wouldn’t display this book on their coffee table.

Final score: 4.5 / 5

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If you are interested in picking up a copy you can visit Titan Books to do so.

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