Since Gaslamp’s Dungeons of Dredmors initial release in 2011, there have been not one, not two, but three expansion packs! Added to all this, is the innumerable masses who flock to make custom content in the much loved mod community. How does its additional content hold? Well let’s find out!

Realm of the Diggle Gods

After defeating (or failing to defeat) the nefarious Dredmor, Gaslamp decided to make the journey to his domain that much harder. Realm of the Diggle Gods adds five new levels to the dungeon, bringing the total to 15. Naturally being a Roguelike, even getting past the first level is a challenge. Beating the original game and then an additional five packed with new themes, enemies and monsters is going to be one heck of a challenge. The original game also receives a few tweaks, with the first 10 levels getting extra floor layouts.

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To help keep the balance, we have a few aces up our dirt stained sleeves. Realm of the Diggle gods adds in six new skill trees for us to explore: Veganism, Big Game Hunting, Werediggling, Emomancy, Piracy and Demonology. Veganism is a double sided coin. Your powers grow immeasurably, however eating meat or even harming animals will have your vegan status removed temporarily. On the contrary, Big Game Hunting is all about killing animals. You gain extra experience and even free food among other things, making your trip through Dredmor that much easier. The might of the Diggle can be harnessed with Werediggling, allowing a temporary boost in just about everything, even some skills that can only be used as a Diggle. Emomancy brings the depressing, soul crushing powers of depressed, soulless teenagers to bear. With endless references to Emo cultures abound, and the promise of explosions, who doesn’t want to don the black fringe of society’s rejects? Being a pirate means loot, plunder, mysterious cannons and of course, a whole lot of booty. Extra doubloons equals more weapons at the store, and more weapons means you can continue to swashbuckle against the denizens of Dredmor. Finally, you have Demonology. You begin your journey as a simple demon hunter, increasing your resistances against them, causing increased damage to them etc. But as you progress, your soul is slowly corrupted and demon spawn will erupt from the earth at will and your enemies will be wreathed in demon fire. Just to add the cherry to the cake, there are even 100 new items to find.

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Realm of the Diggle gods is a surprisingly large expansion that integrates seamlessly with Dungeons of Dredmor. For an insanely low price of $3, you really cannot afford to not pick this up.

You Have To Name The Expansion Pack

One of the oddest expansions in gaming history. You Have To Name The Expansion Pack (we will call it YHTNTEP from now on) adds oodles of new goodies such as new floor designs, new enemies, new items and new skills. Heck, just to give us that bit extra bang for your buck they even let us name the darn thing!

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Whilst YHTNTEP does not give you any additional floors to battle through, the amount of new content is very noticeable, and being given new skills just sweetens a pie that is already sweet enough to put a diabetic into shock. Speaking of which, you now have access to the legendary Clockwork Knight. This steam powered warrior grows more powerful by investing in Smithing and Tinkering trees. Enter the Rogue Scientist. This guy, like the Clockwork Knight, becomes more powerful if you invest in other skill trees. Warlockery goes out of its way to make your wizard everything but a wizard. Finally, we come to the Battle Geologist. These guys, like real geologists, are pretty tired of being shunned by the rest of the world. Harness the mighty power of rocks and crush your enemies without remorse.

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When you look at everything you get in YHTNTEP, it still pales in comparison to Realm of the Diggle Gods. Luckily for us however, it is a completely free expansion pack making it an absolute must have for Dredmor fans.

Conquest of the Wizardlands

The third and final expansion to Gaslamp’s masterpiece, Conquest of the Wizardlands storms into Dredmor. Whether you are a hardcore Dredmorian, or simply a suicidal newbie, there is something for everyone.

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Conquest of the Wizardlands, like always adds a whole bunch of new items, monsters and floors as well as a handful of new skills. Communism, Banksterism, Magical Law, Egyptian Magic, Paranormal Investigator and the mighty, immovable Tourist. It’s main attraction however, is the aptly named Wizardlands.

The land of the Wizards is a fractured dimension that can be accessed by trading magic wizarding graffiti with friends and foes which gives Dredmor its first real multiplayer mode, albeit a pretty limited one. Why settle with one extra dimensional domain? You can now even enter your very own pocket dimension to customize and store all the items you don’t really want to carry around with you. Perfect for crafting in safety. Just to top off all the extra dimensional exploration, you can now enter Diggle Hell…a place filled with unimaginable horrors, unspeakable evils and the hardest challenges a Dredmorian can face. Enter at your own risk.

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But that is not all! Oh no. Conquest of the Wizardlands gives us the power to encrust our equipment with magical properties. We can even encrust items that have already been crusted! Who doesn’t want to be the proud owner of Seaman Encrusted Breaches? Finally, just to appease the obsessive compulsive bunch, we now have Monstrous Menagerie and Trophy Room menu screens, listing all your numerous accomplishments.

Overall Conquest of the Wizardlands is a fantastic expansion, and again rolling in at a very low price of $3, it is a steal.

Overall, for the low DLC cost and the immense amount of content / items you receive I have no choice but to give the packs as a whole a 5 / 5.

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