SteamFirst Product Review: NoScope Computer and Gaming Glasses

I have been a gamer for years and always had an interest in trying out gaming glasses which always promised to reduce eye strain during long game sessions. I never pulled the trigger and bought a pair because of the hefty price tag that many companies attach to their product. Thankfully, I was recently introduced to NoScope Glasses and after getting in touch with the company, received a few pairs to test out. Below I will discuss my experience with NoScope Glasses, and to see them in action, you can check out Peter on the SteamFirst Live Stream during his scheduled Saturday broadcast.

no-scope-game-glasses-steamFirst and foremost, what sets NoScope Glasses apart from its competitors is the price. You can pick up your pair of glasses for only $19.99. This is a huge difference from what you will be charged by their competitors. I can understand pro gamers wanting the more expensive brands due gaming being their career. For us more casual gamers, there is no reason for us to spend a ton of money on a pair of glasses that we will use much less frequently. With that being said, I believe this is the market that NoScope Glasses is targeting with their product.

For $19.99 you get yourself a pair of NoScope Glasses along with soft carry bag and lens cleaning cloth. Have a look to the right for a quick peek at what will arrive at your door once you place your order.

Now that we know that the price in unbeatable from others in the market many are asking, “If the cost is so cheap, is the product junk or does it compare to its competition”? The answer to that is a simple one. The quality of these glasses are competitive with others on the market. All glasses from different companies will have their own style to make their product known. I personally like the look of my NoScope Glasses. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time offering little to no pressure on the bridge of my nose or the back of my head. They are light and sit comfortable on your face. As for doing the job they are intended to do, they do not fall short. When the glasses are on, they give a bit of a more relaxed feel to your eyes blocking out some of the brightness associated with watching the screen for long periods of time. Here is a description of exactly what the glasses do directly from the creators:

NoScope glasses work by filtering out harsh blue light emitted by electronic devices such as cell phone screens, computer monitors, TVs, and other devices. They allow your eyes to focus easier, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improve clarity.


I can confidently say that when gaming using NoScope glasses
I did feel less eye strain and more overall comfort 
during my long gaming sessions. 

If you are interested in giving NoScope Glasses a shot, you should visit their website and have a look around. Don’t hesitate to give them a try. All products come with a 100% guarantee, so really, what do you have to lose. The price is right and the guarantee is there. I personally recommend for gamers looking to try out a pair of gaming glasses to think of NoScope. They do the job well for me.

Currently, NoScope does not offer their glasses with prescription lenses. If you are a glasses wearer you would need to wear contact lenses to utilize this product.

5 / 5 Stars


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