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Where you like me? Did you stay off the internet yesterday? If not, you were probably catching Pokemon on Google Maps, checking the tech specs for Apple’s iPlay, and having mixed feelings about Half-Life 3 being revealed as an Xbox One exclusive published by EA. Oh, internet; how I both love and hate you. Well, no jokes here. Just a few small but very real things that happened right around one of the worst days of the year. Since most of the news was fake, there isn’t a lot to talk about except some release date announcements.

wolfamongusThe Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 trailer and release date revealed:
A trailer for TellTale Games The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 was released today with many spoilers for those who have not played the rest of the game yet. Strangely absent from the video was any sort of release date. Perhaps that was an over site, because Telltale quickly announced the episode entitled “A Crooked Mile” will be released soon – April 8 to be exact. Telltale is, of course, the developer of The Walking Dead season 1 and 2 which followed the same episodic method of release and heavily story-driven gameplay.


ShadowOfMordorMiddle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor release date announced… precious:
The world of the Lord of The Rings, Middle-Earth, seems like such a perfect fit for video games. Why, then, has there not yet been that perfect game that does everything right? Warner Bros. seems to be trying to create just that with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and they have announced that the game will be available on October 7. A new story trailer was also released, getting you more acquainted with the game’s main character, Talion; a Ranger of Gondor who has killed by Sauron while he regained his power and fought to take back control of Mordor. This was how the infamous Ring-Wraiths were created, but Talion was somehow kept barely alive and now exists between the living world and the Wraith world and can phase between them at will. It sounds like an interesting premise, and if you agree enough to pre-order the game you can get the Dark Ranger Pack that includes skins and a “Test of Power” Challenge map.


Tropico5Tropico 5 release date announced:
Tired of simulating goats yet? Well, maybe you will be by May 23, when Tropico 5 is released. That date was confirmed by publisher Kaypso Media for PC with a Mac version coming some time in Summer. An “extensive” edition is also set to come out for the Steam OS when Valve’s Steam Machines are released at the end of the year. This latest entry in the widely popular city-building series will feature, among other things, new and upgraded gameplay mechanics and its first ever co-operative multiplayer mode, allowing up to 4 players to build and share across multiple islands. Those anxious to play the game can still sign up for the Beta Test.



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