RockstarRockstar details how the Gamespy shutdown will affect their games:
It’s odd how the upcoming and long-expected shutdown of the Gamespy servers seems to be catching many publishers off-guard; that is, if the lack of communication to the players is any indication. Too few have openly talked about how their games will be affected and which ones will cease all online multi-player support on May 31. EA has only given non-answers by hinting over Twitter that some Battlefield and Bad Company games will move to some un-confirmed platform (likely Origin), but more respectable types like 2K and Bohemia Interactive have stated that their most popular titles such as Borderlands and Arma (respectively) will be moving online support to SteamWorks. And now, Rockstar Entertainment has laid out their current plans post-Gamespy, being very sure to point out that GTA V will not be affected in anyway. Since most games will be affected by the closure in different ways it would be best for you to read Rockstar’s full list of changes HERE, but the short of it is that all Social Club features of all games will no longer be available and others will lose all multi-player (though some only lose it for certain platforms). If you’re curious what other games use Gamespy and what may become of them, Reddit has a very good crowd-sourced list you can find HERE.


WatchDogs_2Watchdogs included for free with select Nvidia GPUs:
I don’t need a new graphics card, but now I suddenly really want one. As Nvidia commonly does with highly-anticipated titles, a free download code for Watchdogs will be included with the purchase of some GPUs in the GTX line. You can read the full list and official announcement on the Nvidia site HERE, but it looks as those any card from the GTX 660 up to the incredible TITAN will net you a copy of the game. Nvidia revealed last year that Watchdogs will take advantage of many GTX-exclusive graphical elements such as HBAO+ (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) and TXAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing… the X is silent, apparently). Those who are already running a big-boy PC with Nvidia technology can run the GPU analyzer to see how well their system will run Watchdogs once it’s released on May 27.  The game is currently available for pre-order, and requires a Ubisoft UPlay account to run.


Left4DeadSurvivorsValve licenses Left 4 Dead for Japanese arcade game:
There’s going to be a new Left 4 Dead game, but it’s not what you think. Valve has agreed to let Taito develop an arcade light-gun shooter based on the Left 4 Dead franchise, basically turning the co-op original into something likely resembling House Of The Dead. The game is currently expected to only be released in Japan, where the reveal trailer seems to suggest the story-line is based. The game is referred to as both Project Z and Left 4 Dead: Survivors, but the reason for that is uncertain beyond Japan’s rather odd naming conventions. This isn’t the first time Taito has introduced a Valve series into the Japanese market – in 2006 they released Half-Life 2: Survivors into arcades which was controlled using joysticks and foot-pedals. Bet cha’ didn’t know about that, did you?  I certainly didn’t.


BioShock_Unreal4Bioshock in Unreal Engine 4:
I’m currently playing through Bioshock after having finished the impossibly good Bioshock Infinite. I had previously played it shortly after it was released but unlike most people I absolutely hated the game. The story was great, as was the telling and art-style, I just couldn’t stand the annoying gameplay. Had Infinite not been so damn good, I probably wouldn’t be having a blast playing it now. And since I’ve already talked about other games being given an unofficial graphical boost by fans who are getting their feet wet in the new Unreal Engine 4, I thought it fitting to share this most recent example. Of course Bioshock already uses the Unreal Engine, albeit a highly modified version, and back in 2007 it helped set the standard for graphics with it’s liberal but beautiful use of glistening and flares as well as it’s stunning water that pours and rushes into the City of Rapture. Now, thanks to Youtuber Noodlespagoodle, you can see how the latest iteration of the graphics engine adds to an already stunning world and really improves upon the atmospheric immersion. If your memory is anything like mine and you tend to recall most games looking way better than they actually did due to your imagination prettying it up in your head then take a look at this screenshot of the original Bioshock and compare it to the video. Striking, isn’t it?


    • I’ve always been very aware that saying that I didn’t like Bioshock 1 was like ripping up the gamer-bible to most people. But I think I’ve redeemed myself with Infinite.


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