Sauron_EyeFacebook buys Oculus:
Of course, everyone is talking about this. But since it is not related to Valve or Steam, this will likely be the only word from us regarding it. Following the reveal of the latest developers kit for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset at GDC, it was suddenly reported yesterday that Facebook (of all companies) has purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion. This disproves the rumor that Valve would own Oculus, though no information has been forthcoming as to any other offers from parties other than Facebook. The role Oculus will play in the video game industry has now fallen into a bit of uncertainty, but both Facebook and Oculus have made statements saying that the product will not be affected by the purchase and that focus remains where it always has been. Still, many aren’t convinced; as Mojang Studios has pulled the upcoming Oculus Rift support for Minecraft in a bit of a protest and many backers of the Kickstarter campaign that ultimately gave birth to the headset have made demands ranging from a full refund to the reversal of the companies purchase. However, it is well-known that a Kickstarter donation does not buy you a say in a company’s decisions.


Portal_ShieldPortal ports over to Android on the Nvidia Shield:
Sure, everyone already owns Portal, but this is still pretty cool. Valve has spent much of their attention stressing a broader range of support for various PC operating systems including Mac and, especially, Linux. But so far, mobile OSes like Android are stuck with mostly dedicated games that either don’t take full advantage of the platform, or simply suck. Still others end up getting a bad Steam port. But now, Valve may have started a new trend by announcing that Portal is coming to the Android-based Nvidia Shield portable gaming device. This marks the first time the Source engine has been officially licensed on Android, or any other portable OS. Nvidia is handling the conversion, but has stated that Portal will NOT remain Shield exclusive and is planned to be released on the Google Play Store for some devices. The Shield already streams Steam games from PCs running supported Nvidia GPUs.


TitanZNvidia GTX Titan Z will run you about $3,000:
In other Nvidia news, a new graphics card has been revealed that you will never be able to afford. And if you can, well,  good for you money-bags. For the cost of a new Mac Pro, you can soon buy the 8 teraFLOP Nvidia GTX Titan Z which is essentially two already high-end GPUs in the same body – adding up to 12GB of dedicated video memory and well over 5,000 sweet, sweet CUDA cores. Aside from the raw power of this battle station, Nvidia claims the Titan Z will use a low 2 kilowatts of power that is evenly distributed across the dual GPUs which are tuned to run at the same clock speed. It goes without saying that this card is engineered for 5K, multi-monitor set-ups. In short, it’s awesome.



What’s the deal with Goats, anyway?:
A weird game with a weird name gets a weird trailer. After the release of Escape Goat 2, another goat featured game, Goat Simulator, went up for pre-order on Steam. But the trailer for the unexplainable game is what has a lot of people talking. Reminiscent of the infamous Dead Island reveal trailer, the new Goat Simulator trailer is a reverse order act of destruction set to somber music. But instead of Zombies eating an entire family, it’s a goat flying through a house after being launched by a gas station explosion. Because, apparently, that’s pretty much all you need to be shown of the game to know what it is. It still leaves one question unanswered; when did goats compete with cats for internet dominance?


ElizabethMirrorThe end of Infinite:
A quick note that Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode 2 is now available and is the final piece of content for what has been an incredible game. The DLC has so far set itself apart from its first installment by receiving very high scores and boasting a huge 9.1 GB download. With Irrational Games severely down-sized and focusing on whatever their next project is, it seems that even a game called Infinite has to end at some point.


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