FFIIIFinal Fantasy III coming to Steam:
I often wonder why the industry bothers making exclusive games for hand-held systems. The exclusivity never seems to last. More and more of  those games end-up needing to be reworked, adapted, and sometimes even completely overhauled for a digital release on PC and/or consoles. The latest example of this is the remake of Final Fantasy III which had previously only been available on the Nintendo DS but is now set for a release on Steam. No price or release date has been announced but the game is said to have “new and improved” visuals, updated Job Mastery cards, better in-game bestiary, Steam achievements, and trading cards. Other Steam games in Final Fantasy’s long line include Final Fantasy VII, VIII, XI, and XIV. Square Enix, the developer and publisher of the 1990 original, is handling this latest release just as they did with the DS remake.


HL2_ShieldHalf-Life 2 and Portal on Nvidia Shield:
Shield, the Android-based portable gaming device from Nvidia, isn’t exactly the hottest commodity out there. I mean, have you ever seen one outside of a store? Probably not. But it is the loudest case for high-quality gaming on Google’s portable operating system, and also goes a way to show the power Nvidia can deliver in a small package. More importantly, perhaps, is that it’s also another outlet for Valve to continue one of their missions to adapt as many games as possible to as many platforms as possible. The Source game engine has now been successfully ported to Android, resulting in both Half-Life 2 and Portal being released on the Google Play Store for $10 each. Only those with an Nvidia Shield registered to their Google account can purchase and download the games, since that’s the only device they are compatible with. While they are the complete versions of the games, the official screenshots do show a small loss in visual effects and atmosphere compared to them running at maximum graphical settings on PC. Most notable is an apparent lack of anti-aliasing. It is claimed, however, that the games actually have some improvements to their graphics as is usually the case when these oft-released titles are brought to a new system. While it’s still doubtful that the Nvidia Shield will make you think twice about taking your gaming laptop with you on a trip, it is a great step toward the devices independence from the Steam Streaming feature that is still mostly in Beta.


Watchdogs_PreorderStuffSomething you should know about Watchdogs:
No, it has nothing to do with the constant back and forth regarding the games resolution and framerate in the console versions. Instead it’s in regards to the insane number of different editions of the upcoming Ubisoft game, Watchdogs, and accusations that the publisher is simply exploiting its customer. A known-accurate graph going around the internet diagrams every possible version of the game including every single piece of add-on content available from every official retailer which all have their own exclusive DLC. As you can see, there is no such thing as a complete edition of the game that includes everything it has to offer, not even if you buy it directly from Uplay. In order to get all the DLC, you would need to buy 4 separate copies of Watchdogs, from 4 different retailers. Even the Season Pass does not include everything and many versions of the game only include a few of the Season Pass items – that means that if you buy the Season Pass after getting the Digital “Deluxe” Edition (for example), you would actually be buying some DLC twice. Of course, most of the items are simply costumes or other useless additions that have no bearing on gameplay, but many of them are exclusive in-game missions that add addition play-time to the game. And as we Steam users all know, items like this end up being made available for separate purchases later, then often get packed into a Complete or Game Of The Year edition about a year after the games initial release. Now, far be it from me to tell you how to participate in the videogame industry; I’d never tell anyone to not buy a game based on my personal feelings. But I will say that if Watchdogs is a game you can wait some time after the May 27th release date before buying, you should be aware that the longer you wait the more you have to gain.


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