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FarCry4_BoxFar Cry 4 announced:
Well, this came out of nowhere. When a large company like Ubisoft (and many others like Microsoft) unveil something of this magnitude now rather than wait a couple more weeks for E3 it really makes you wonder what major news will come out of the event. Regardless, Ubisoft has released a trailer and box-art for Far Cry 4 set in a very unfamiliar kind of setting for the series; the snowy Himalayan mountains. They’ve since dropped a few details such as the existence of ride-able elephants and dangerous yetis in the game but other than that, they’ve been rather tight-lipped about it for now so they can have something other than Watchdogs to talk about at E3. There was a small controversy regarding possible racism in the box-art, but since it was sparked by ignorance I won’t go in to detail about it here.  So far, the game sounds a bit like Skyrim with less dragons and more guns, I’m sold. Far Cry 4 and it’s Limited Edition is available for per-order from Ubisoft. It is currently set for a November 2014 release, and I’m thinking a mid-September delay.


SkyBlivionSkyblivion trailer shows off latest progress:
Speaking of Skyrim, but this time minus the snowy part, a new trailer was released for the fan-made Skyrim mod that aims to bring its predecessor, Oblivion, into the Skyrim engine. Despite the seemingly impossible task of remaking a game like Oblivion by a bunch of modders, the trailer shows a great deal of progress has been mad in recreating the land of Cyrodiil including the introductory sewer level. The mod looks to my eye to be a mix of imported assets from the original game, decorative pieces and character models from Skyrim, and custom-made textures and objects. No word on how much of the gameplay and scripting has been recreated. The team making this mod is part of the TESRenewal project, which dedicates itself to revamping classic Elder Scrolls games using more modern tools. A much larger team from the group is working on bringing Morrowind into Skyrim (SkyWind) after having already remade it in Oblivion’s engine (Morroblivion). Neither Skyblivion nor SkyWind are currently available for public download, but Morroblivion is. Each mod will require that you own and install both of the original games they are based on so as to make the mod easier to use and to avoid any legal issues from Bethesda. Personally, I’d be much more interested in seeing Arena or Daggerfall brought in to the modern age.


ArkhamKnightArkham Knight trailer and screenshots show off Chinatown, Batmobile, and Scarecrow:
Ooh… this game is looking good. Over the past week, a great deal of eye-candy has been thrown around by Warner Bros. and RockSteady Studios for what looks to be a fabulous return to the Batman: Arkham series by it’s original developer. A new trailer released today shows off the Batmobile, Scarecrow, and plenty of other villains all set in a gorgeous and entirely in-game Gotham City. You may notice some Chinese neon signs in the video, which were first shown amongst a stream of screen shots published on the Arkham Knight Twitter feed. A China-Town district hints at some nice diversity in the game’s scenery. Many other screenshots can be seen on the official site for Arkham Knight. The game is still set for a release by the end of the year, so be sure to ask for an updated Nvidia GPU for Christmas because it looks like you’re gonna need it.


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