A lot of news has come out in the past few days, most of it regarding Nintendo’s large financial loss for the third year in a row due to poor software and even worse hardware sales. Sony is expected to overtake Microsoft in the console market, even though both of their systems lack the library that would entice most gamers into buying it, ultimately resulting in more and more PC gamers. It’s a good time to be on Steam, where we never run out of great games to play and don’t have to deal with anywhere near the level of corporate politics that the consoles do. And the near future is looking even better, with the rest of the recent news pointing to some really big things being teased for a reveal at this years E3 in June.


BattleFront3EA to show of Star Wars: Battlefront III and new Frostbite game at E3:
Loathe em’ or hate em’, EA has some pretty big franchises and very good studios. Following the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney, EA was quickly granted the exclusive publishing rights for all future Star Wars games, thereby cementing themselves in the industry for many more years. Not long after that, EA did it’s best to quell the collective grumbling of gamers by announcing they were developing a sequel to what many believe to be the best Star Wars series ever made, Battlefront. That was at last years E3, and even though Battlefront III won’t be released for some time yet, EA has confirmed that the game will make an appearance at E3 2014. It has not been specified if it will actually be playable, but something tells me they would have made that clear if it was true. At the same time EA talked about that, they also teased that a new “major” game using the Frostbite 3 engine (which powers Battlefield 4) will be announced at E3. No information or clues were given, but it is known that one of EA’s studios, Bioware, is working on a new Mass Effect game that uses Frostbite 3.


netherrealmNew NetherRealm Studios game teased by Ed Boon:
The reboot of Mortal Kombat unexpectedly went way beyond the simple fan-servitude it was intended to fulfill and ended up being one of the best fighting games ever made (and personally, the only one to dethrone Killer Instinct in my opinion). The games developer, NetherRealm, also found success in the same year with another fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, featuring DC comic characters. Now, the head of NetherRealm and co-creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, has starting teasing that an announcement of some sort will be made on June 2, one week prior to E3 2014. A series of tweets by Boon referenced a sequence of numbers, starting with the ” Square root of 841” (29), then asking “How many days in (non-leap-year) February?” (28), and so on in that fashion. Continuing to countdown day after day leads you to June 2. Since then, Boon has re-tweeted many comments by fans that either say this means a new Mortal Kombat is coming, or a new Injustice (hinting it’s one of the two… or maybe both). We’ll have to see what this means.


TalesFromBorderlandsFirst screens of Tales From The Borderlands surface:
TellTale Games is taking their brand of, well, telling a tale in games and applying it to an unlikely series, Borderlands. Following the events of Borderlands 2, Tales From The Borderlands will be an episodic, choice-based, story-driven game in the same vein as The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us, but will also somehow utilize a sort of shooting that TellTale has yet to specify. A trailer for the game has been around for a while showing that it uses the classic art style and even some voice actors, bu now we are getting out first real taste at how the off-shoot game will look in-game when it is released later this year. The first four screenshots were posted on the Playstation blog showing the two main characters, Rhys and Fiona. Details on the games pricing were also revealed ($4.99 per episode or a Season Pass of unknown cost), and an odd mentioning that “the loot you grab in Tales will be available to use in other areas of the Borderlands franchise”. That franchise is expanding not only with “Tales”, but also with the upcoming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel which is also expected for release this year. How much runnin’, gunnin’ and lootin’ can we do?


DontStarveTogetherMulti-player coming to Don’t Starve:
Another one of those great little indie games that has become very popular and that I still haven’t gotten around to yet is Don’t Starve. The survival game that only asks that you do exactly what the title says recently got a new piece of free DLC called “The Screecher” that drops a big batch of horror into the game. And soon, players will get another big, free, update that adds multi-player support, so you can die slowly in the cold with a buddy at your side. Don’t Starve Together is expected to be added to current copies of the game for free sometime in the Summer, but it will also raise the base price of the game to $19.99 ($5 more) for those who buy it afterward. So, if you’re interested in owning the complete game for the cheapest possible price, you may want to pick it up before the new content arrives.


KRZ_Act3Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 arrives:
Kentucky Route Zero is another one on my list. The eery point-and-click game is being developed by Cardboard Computer in five total acts, the third of which has taken longing to be released that the previous one. But now, it is out. If you have it on Steam you should see an update for it, and if you have it DRM-free through the Humble Store you will want to download the latest install. It is currently %25 off on either store if you don’t already own it.



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