I got a chance to look into a game called Insurgency. Insurgency is a first person-tactical shooter that relies on quick wits, reflexes and a good team-oriented mindset. In this video we go through the gameplay, experience and discuss some of the  good design ideas and the flaws in this new early access title.




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  1. 2.5? I don’t think this not being your type of game makes this game a 50%. For people who play and like these kinds of games, it’s a 5. I don’t see how Mechanics can get a 2.5, there are no problems with them. It’s well balanced. Rust was so broken they had to rebuild it and you gave it a 4.5/5? For the videos you should get a script because it sounded like you were rambling (until you were reading the promotions at the end). Please Consider Re-reviewing with a person who knows what type of game this is.