thief-book-steam-review-coverThief is one of the latest hot hits to release on Steam and we have been given the opportunity by Titan Books to review the artbook which shows all of the creations put together to create this title.

Like the last Titan Book (The Art of Titanfall) we have reviewed here, the quality of this book is incredible. Comprised of 192 pages and bound with a strong hard cover, The Art of Thief doesn’t fail in its quality of construction. The book was published in February 25, 2014 by Titan Books. Now, allow me to now look deeper into the contents of this piece of art.

thief-book-steam-review-contentsThis book begins with a contents section which consists of four chapters. An image of this page is shown to the left. The four chapters contain the following components: Garrett, The Characters, Loot, Puzzles and Props and The City. Through out this review you will see images from each of the sections showing off the quality of art in this book.

Chapter one featuring Garrett is the highlight of this book. This chapter contains some of my favorite images from the entire collection. The detail put into creating Garrett is amazing as you can clearly see in the pictures I have featured below. These two images are not only my favorite two images in the chapter, but they are my favorite from the entire book. The pictures we have below don’t give justice to the actual quality and detail that you can admire when looking at them with book in hand. It is clear that many hours went into character creation, detail and perfection.


Along with Garrett himself, this chapter displays the weapons and gear he uses throughout the game which earned the game the title “Thief”.

Chapter two focuses on other characters from the game. This section introduces us to the images which create Erin, the Architect and his Wife, the Baron, Basso, Dr. Vittori, Orion, Madam Xiao Xiao and the Graven. Some of these images show the characters in what I would assume are different physical conditions of which they are found throughout the game. Orion for example has multiple character models, each putting him in worse physical condition.

thief-book-steam-review-weaponsAlso shown in this chapter are groups of people found during gameplay including, the awakened, freaks, civilians and the watch which are basically guards found in the game. Details including a history of the characters and even their height are shown in these pages. It shows that a lot of thought was put into creating original characters with a nice story and history behind them.

Chapter three goes into Loot, Puzzles and Props. In here you will find imagery of items that Garrett will be thieving during gameplay. Puzzles you will encounter are also shown as they went through different stages of development. You will also find, blueprints, wall art and furniture found in game.

This chapter is my least favorite of the four just because it lacks excitement found in the previously mentioned chapters. I can only get so excited when looking at these types of items from in game.

thief-book-steam-review-structuresThe final chapter of The Art of Thief introduces us to the City found in the game. Areas of the city found in this chapter include Auldale District, Northcrest Manor, the Primal, Cinderfall District, the Clocktower, the Dayport District, the Architects House, the Keep, Greystone District, Moira Asylum, Old Quarter, South Quarter, House of Blossoms Stonemart District, The Bridge, the Crippled Burrick and Vale Street Iornworks. These areas of the city are shown as both models and finished images. The Clock Tower is one of my favorite areas graphically. To the left you will see an image of the Locksmith which resides near Clock Tower.

I like what I see from chapter four but I am not as blown away as I was from the first chapter. The images are nice and well thought out and created but it lacks the beauty found in the images of Garrett.

My overall impression of The Art of Thief is a good one. When it all comes together as a whole, this book is a good looking one which gives Thief fans a closer look into the title which they love. Being able to learn more about the characters found in game is a great idea and helps this art book stand out. Garrett himself is the shining star here as he probably should be being that he is the star of the game.

Final Score:  4 / 5

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